Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Virginia's un-representatives

GOP House of Representatives Secret Meeting

Republican congressmen should have been big enough to meet with the governor. It was a duty owed to the people they represent.

Gov. Tim Kaine had a breakfast meeting Monday with Virginia's congressional delegation, and none of its five Republicans came.

The people represented in Congress by Republicans, like those who live in Rep. Bob Goodlatte's 6th District, had neither an ear nor a voice at the table. Instead, the no-shows put on a little show of partisan gamesmanship at the expense of the people back home.

Yet Democrats in Virginia's congressional delegation showed up when Republican Jim Gilmore was serving both as governor and as chairman of the Republican National Committee eight years ago.

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Goodlatte should be involved in future plans

If someone who works for you was absent from a meeting that could have financial benefits for you, you'd be pretty upset, and understandably so. That's why we cannot fathom why five of the state's Republican congressmen were no-shows to a pow-wow with Gov. Tim Kaine to discuss Virginia's federal stimulus needs with their Democratic colleagues.

The breakfast meeting in Richmond is held every year for the Commonwealth's Washington contingent and routinely draws lawmakers from both sides of the aisle — until this year. What makes it even more astounding is even if scheduling conflicts necessitated the Republicans' absence, which would not have been uncommon, you'd think they would send a representative.

Not this bunch.

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Shari said...

How childish!

Utterly unbelievable, and unacceptable.

Belle Rose said...

Had to peck and scratch in this Republican chicken litter.

Rockdem said...

Sorry Shari, but this behavior is all too believable. This is the modus operandi of the "Valley Delegation..." Why at all would we expect anything different from our legislators at the national level?