Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shenandoah Valley Young Democrats

Shenandoah Valley Young Democrats

A progressive group of Young Democrats
who recognize their responsibility to help protect
the natural environment in the commonwealth,
preserve funding for education; and healthcare,
and to promote the empowerment
of ethnic minorities in the political process.

New Member Meeting
March 9th
7:00 pm
1419 Founders Way, Harrisonburg
Contact Tiffanny 435-2738 for info

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An honest American said...

I surely hope, Lowell, you can somehow explain to these kids what the importance is of what President Obama did today by lifting the ban against media coverage of the arrival of our deceased troops.

he is going off the deep end trying to kiss the medias ass.

If he really doesn't think we know about the cost of the war in Iraq, I dare him to come to my house and explain it to ME! I understand all too well. We are lucky enough to host SGT Buckalew for a week before he goes to Germany for 3 years. He is a Wounded Warrior since his Hummer was blown up on his 1st of 3 tours to Iraq, I damn well know the extent of the costs of war...does your president...I don't even think he cares or gives a damn. Him and his wife weren't proud of America?, then why the hell didn't he move? Cuz he is a coward and couldn't keep his own children safe in another country. Without Chicago gangster politics, he would just be another bum, waiting for the government to come and give him a cheese sandwich.

John Doe said...

How's about we open up the White House living quarters to reporters? Make a spectacle of the Obama family personal life at all times of day or night. After all, that be newsworthy, too.

Rockdem said...


Please explain the benefit to America you see in the ban of media coverage.

Please also expound on your understanding of the cost of this war to our society.

And third, please explain your "cheese sandwich" reference?

Most respectfully yours,


And John,

Please explain to our readers what it is you are attempting to convey?

Toni D said...

And I'd like to ask you "Frank" why you post under numerous names?
What are you ashamed of? Owning your opinions? I can see why you would be. Ashamed that is. People like you and "John Doe" are like a cancer consuming our country. Nameless and faceless, yet evil beyond imagination. Why do you hide, unless you are cowards and don't want anyone to know who you are?