Monday, April 27, 2009

Champions for the Valley - Part Three: Erik Curren

Curren Keeps keeps the Heat on Saxman

"Rejecting $125 million in free federal money to help Virginia's unemployed shows that the House Republicans, including my opponent, are out of touch with the values of voters in the Valley. I would've voted for the public interest instead of playing partisan politics in the middle of the worst economy since the Great Depression. And if elected, I will aggressively promote high-paying jobs in clean energy and other green industries that will give the Valley a prosperous 21st century economy."
Erik Curren, Democratic Candidate for 20th House of Delegates

Dems attack Republicans on jobless aid
Staunton News Leader

During a press conference Thursday in Harrisonburg, 20th District House candidate Erik Curren joined 25th District challengers Dr. Greg Marrow and Jim Noel and other area Democrats in criticizing Republicans for not supporting the measure and not recognizing how the money would help those most in need. "You have to recognize this is a scary situation for a lot of families," said Curren, who is running against Del. Chris Saxman, R-Staunton. "We need to take extraordinary measures."
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1 comment:

Toni D. said...

Is Chris Saxman in trouble? It certainly seems that way, from the way the sitting Delegate from the Staunton area is spending money... The fact that his representation of the 20th District will be called into question and challenged by the very capable Erik Curren has caused Mr. Saxman to spend nearly $20.000.00 just to remind voters that he is really here, and relevant...

Let's look at the facts:

Chris Saxman led the abjectly failed effort in Virginia to elect John McCain as President of the United States in a state that had dependably voted Republican since 1964. More than a quarter of a century! That alone should give Valley Voters a serious reason to rethink their support of someone who personally helped to lose the White House.

Chris Saxman held statewide ambitions for political office as Lt. Governor, and then when the going looked too tough he retreated back to the Valley.

Now, faced with a very credible opponent for the office he holds, he has panicked and spent nearly $20,000.00 since January just to maintain his hold on his local office.

This all before his worthy opponent Erik Curren, from Staunton, had spent $300.00...

Now, as he burns through money to restore his credibility, Chris Saxman has all but called Valley Voters who have lost their jobs due to the international economic crisis, and through no fault of their own, lazy, looking for handouts, and unworthy of his consideration of Stimulus Money from the Federal Government to help those who have lost their jobs in Staunton and Augusta County...