Sunday, April 5, 2009

Change I was looking for...

Obama in Prague
This is my President...

PRAGUE (AFP) — Barack Obama is billing himself as the US president which Europe seems to have long desired, one who comes not to lecture, but to "listen, to learn and to lead".

In five days and three summits in Britain, France, Germany and the Czech Republic, Obama's political message was unmistakable: the White House and the oldest and somewhat battered US alliances are under new management.

In contrast to the days in George W. Bush's first term when some angry Americans even refused to call their fries French after an Iraq war spat, Obama's watchwords were consult, engage and common purpose.

"I think there is a basic message across Europe which should resonate," said Sean Kay, professor of international relations at Ohio Wesleyan University.

"That is, America is in a position now where it is going to lead but lead by example, and consultation and engagement."

Outside stuffy G20, NATO and European Union summits, Obama and wife Michelle took the continent by storm, whipping up gushing media coverage, rapturous crowds and a sprinkling dose of charisma in grim economic times.

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An honest American said...

"and a sprinkling dose of charisma in grim economic times."

Sure, what the hell does HE have to worry about...if HE fails, he and you can just blame it on the Republican party...ya know, the party you insist started all this mess. Meanwhile, the true cost of TARP just doubled...but I'm sure it's Bush's fault too...right?

John Doe said...

What a shocker. The socialists in Europe love our socialist President. Just as Bubby likes little boys, and pedophiles would prefer a pedophile President.

Toni D. said...

Get's under you dimwit's skin that he's doing well and well thought of, huh?
Bunch of little cry baby mama's boys.
And I'm glad to see you admit it was Bush's fault dishonest Amerikaner.