Friday, April 17, 2009

Mike Signer: VA Repubs Send Our Tax Dollars to Other States

Greetings from Virginia, here's $125 Million of our taxes from Virginia citizens to use in your state, the Republicans in Va. don't think we need it here. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

For those of you out there who are so enamored with Mike Signer, have any of you actually stopped to look at what his resume actually says? The guy is only 35 and has bounced around so much between different jobs and grad schools that he’s never actually stayed anywhere long enough to accomplish much. For example:
1995: Graduated from college
1996: ???
1997: Legislative aide to Creigh Deeds for less than a year
1997 – 2001: Grad school – PhD
2001 – 2004: Grad school, again – law school
Fall 2004 – Spring 2007: Worked for WCPHD (law firm) for about 2.5 years. But, wait, didn’t he actually work for Warner for the last 6 months that Warner was in office, in 2005? So it’s unclear how long he was actually at the law firm. And btw, if he were so important to Warner, why didn’t Kaine want to keep him on in the new administration? (From what I’ve heard, he wasn’t even working for Warner directly. Instead, he was in a mid-level position reporting to Bob Blue, Warner’s head of policy matters.)
2007: Teaching at VA Tech for a year
2008: Advisor to John Edwards (mid-level position somewhere in Iowa, not in VA) / Advisor to Tom Periello / Think Tank advisor
I’m sorry, Signer may be a nice guy, but nothing about his resume tells me that he’s ready to be LG for Virginia. If we put him up as our candidate, the Rs will trounce him as the “Sarah Palin” of VA politics. The guy may be likeable, but he’s just not ready to be Governor should the Governor die or leave office. He talks about creating jobs, but, unlike Bowerbank or Wagner, he’s never actually created a single job in anything he’s ever done. At least Bowerbank and Wagner have started their own businesses and have real business and government experience to rely on. And for those of you who think it’s unlikely for the Governor to leave office, look at what a mess NY and IL have become in the last year.
And to really put his lack of experience in perspective, consider this: In 2002-2004, Signer was still in law school, while Wagner was managing the state’s finances as Treasurer of Virginia and Bowerbank was running his 220 person family business in Southwest VA. So, please, people, open your eyes to the fact that this guy really is not qualified to be LG. Maybe he should follow Pat’s lead and consider running for a more reasonable “entry-level” political office instead (but of course not bail on that like Pat did).