Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gov. Kaine announces $1.7 million for Injured Vets

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine announced Friday the award of $1.7 million in grants to veterans and members of the National Guard and Reserves not on active duty who are suffering from combat-related head injuries and stress disorders. The funding is provided by the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program to coalitions of community programs.

“We can’t control what happens to our service men and women while they are deployed, but we can influence what happens to them when they return home,” says Kaine. “Through the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program, we can ensure that they and their families receive the treatment and services they need for a full recovery.”

About 20 percent of military service personnel returning from deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan report symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder or depression. Roughly 19 percent may have experienced traumatic brain injury and seven percent report both PTSD and TBI.

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