Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thank You Blacks Run Cleanup Volunteers!

(note: these pictures portray litter, especially plastic garbage,
and are not actual photos of the Harrisonburg cleanup.

Click here to view photos of the Blacks Run Cleanup.)

I read where some 375 people participated in the 12th annual Blacks Run Cleanup project and picked up over 6,000 pounds of trash during the effort.

Many thanks to the nearly 400 outstanding members of our community who participated in making Harrisonburg a better place.

Yours is an example of working together to have positive impact.

6,000 pounds of garbage? Wow. That bears repeating,

Six thousand pounds of garbage...

To put this into a visual perspective, one 16 ounce water or soft drink bottle made of PET plastic weighs around 1/8th of an ounce when empty.

8 bottles per oz. 128 bottles per lb.

6,000 lb picked up is the equivalent of more than three quarters of a million plastic bottles...

Thanks so very much again to the responsible and invested folks who work to clean up Harrisonburg and keep it clean.

You are true blessings to our community.

And shame on the folks who pitch garbage onto the ground and into the stream.

Click here to see pictures of the cleanup crew and activities!


Old Coot said...

I can't help thinking about the two very different groups who gathered in the city in the past week.

Pretty stark in their differences.

I'll go with the group of doers, who are rolling up their sleeves to make things better.

The other group just seems mad at life with no real focus. Other than they don't like our president.

They'd all probably be happier if they'd turn off their hate radio and tv.

John Doe said...

I'm not one of the G. D. Yankees who thinks everything they do back home is better than how we do it in Virginia, but one idea Michigan got right 30 years ago was a deposit on all drinking bottles. Then, even if the original buyer does the wrong thing and litters, some enterprising person will pick it up and return it for recycling. I'm not saying it is without occasional glitches, but it sure beats trash littering our great Commonwealth.

Rockdem said...

I am absolutely in agreement with John Doe on the deposit issue.

That is what we had here with bottles when I was a kid, and it only went away when we became a more "affluent" society...

I don't know how many of my friends earned their spending money by gathering up pop bottles and selling "Grit" news papers....

Many of us have been here before folks.

An honest American said...

and people wonder why more landowners along the valley's rivers are making them off limits. Port landing and the one at Island Ford are constantly littered with junk. "If you take it with you, take it back with you" is my favorite motto for my numerous trips...