Monday, April 6, 2009

McDonnell Betrays GOP Base

McDonnell had initially refused to get involved in the brewing feud, but a few weeks ago he said the party needed more effective leadership in a pivotal year. He did not attend the meeting but released a statement that described the party leadership change as an "internal dispute." "It's nothing but a mob lynching. That's what it is,'' said Theresa Robinson, a Republican activist from Chester.

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More on the GOP infighting:

From Bacon's Rebellion

The lynch mob marching against Jeff Frederick leaked their intimidating State Central Committee letter. They hit the blogs. Anonymous comments came with personal invective and bitter bile. The usual suspects of establishment Republicans - the state senators, remaining Republican Virginia congressmen, delegates, a handful of city and county chairmen called for ouster in successive waves of lost confidence - sung in an odd falsetto soprano.

From the Daily Press

Another Frederick backer, G. Ashley Moody of Petersburg, said social conservatives would abandon the GOP and said he would likely vote for a Democrat this fall, as he did in 2006 for Jim Webb, who unseated Republican Sen. George Allen.

From the Virginian Pilot

"This lit the fuse on the marking of the end of the Republican Party in Virginia," said Tony Arjona, a Frederick supporter from the Richmond suburbs.

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JGFitzgerald said...

Is there any way at all this could be more fun? Well, maybe if he tries to get the job back at the Pubs' May convention.