Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Astroturf Right Wing Mobsters - Bought & Paid For


Anonymous said...

Haha. DNC releases garbage, the sheep here dutifully post it. Interestingly, they failed to note the dirty hippies and the mobs they form:

And there's plenty more examples of deranged Leftists, Code Pink-type wackos engaging in mobs-like protests. I thought dissent was patriotic? It seemed to be under, not so much. Hmmm..

Jeremy Aldrich said...

Anonymous, none of those videos look to me like "mobs-like protests". But I take it from your comparison that you'd be perfectly content if next time a mob of people shouts down a congressman in a town hall meeting, the police come in and spray pepper spray in their eyes and pull out their batons and tasers, then cart them away in paddy wagons? I can't say I'd really be cool with that.

The folks destroying the opportunities for public dialogue are within their rights, but they ARE "astroturf right wing mobsters". Their actions are being encouraged and often coordinated by party hacks and well-known demagogues, not bursting forth spontaneously.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they don't look like mob-like protests to you, Aldrich. They're just peace-lovin' folks who assembled quietly and didn't disrupt anything...which is why police in riot gear were there.

And this is truly remarkable. You talk of party hacks on THIS site? HAHAHAHAHA!! Then you link to the Leftwing Media Matters as a source to prove these are right-wing mobsters? Absolutely ridiculous.

Incidentally, its NOT just crazy Birthers who don't want Obamacare. Recent polling shows Indpendents have soured it:;&strTime=0

"Independent voters, perhaps the key voting group, are more worried about the deficit rising than congressional inaction, 54 - 37 percent. These voters say 59 - 36 percent that overhaul should not occur if it would "significantly" increase the deficit. Independents oppose 63 - 33 percent passing a bill with only Democratic votes.

Independent voters also don't think Obama can keep his promise to avoid increasing the deficit and pass health care by an overwhelming 77 - 17 percent."

Jeremy Aldrich said...

Perhaps you misunderstand, Anonymous. I don't have any problem with people not liking Obamacare. Heck, I don't think it's much of an improvement myself.

But, the issue here is the coordinated efforts to make town halls sponsored by congressmen pointless events by making it impossible for the speaker to actually answer questions, or allow other questioners to interact with their elected reps. It's legal, but it's not good citizenship.

The link to mediamatters has direct quotes from the demagogues spurring people to these kinds of impolite protests. Do you believe that these events are filled by large groups of people who spontaneously, independently decided to show up and do the same shenanigans at dozens of similar events across the country?

Of the three videos you posted in response, the first one showed a non-violent crowd upset at what they believed was police interference in a gay neighborhood (I think), the second was an act of civil disobedience against loading tanks onto a ship for use in war, and the third was a perfectly normal-looking protest march. Which of the three is, in your mind, most like the town hall disrupters?

Anonymous said...

"Do you believe that these events are filled by large groups of people who spontaneously, independently decided to show up and do the same shenanigans at dozens of similar events across the country?"

Look at the polls. People don't want this. You can chalk up people's supposed "bad citizenship" to whatever you want, the reality is that the WH has lost the middle on it. So, the strategy becomes 'Hy, lets paint everyone against it as RW nutjobs' so as to discredit opposition against it. That is all that's going on here.

Incidentally, you can search for other videos, pictures, etc of lefty protests if you don't like what I posted. There are plenty out there...and my guess is folks like you never wondered gee, maybe they're mobsters being led by outside forces/organizations.

Bubby said...

Remember when Bush was touring the country to try and convince America that we needed to invest our Social Security dollars in Wall Street private sector investment schemes? (good thing that failed!)

The Republicans screened attendees and prevented anyone from disagreeing with the President in his public appearances. Now Republican and rightwingers are again attempting to prevent public discussion and dialogue about health care. They hate the President. They hate democracy. They hate America.

Anonymous said...

The difference between the two sides of this debate is that one side wants to provide information and discussion, and the other side wants to disrupt discussion and prevent anything from happening at all in order to harm people's image of the President and set themselves up for a strong run in the next Congressional elections. Thing is, people are seeing this for what it is, even as they allow doubt to creep in. While public opinion of Congress is still low, the opinion of the R side of the aisle is in the toilet. They are increasingly recognized as the power hungry obstructions to any progress at all, that they are.
People are recognizing that they offer nothing to the discussion.
People don't know what the best thing to do is, but they also recognize that the Republicans don't care to try to find out.
Harming America to gain power is so very, very base.