Friday, August 28, 2009

Dems Host Health Care Forum

Thanks to Washington and Lee University Law Professor Tim Jost, internationally recognized expert on health care systems, and health care law for his very informative presentation last night on health care policy and the reforms under discussion. 90 minutes of pure education and discussion. No yelling, no teabags, no stunts.

(Rockingham County Dems meet the 3rd Thursday of every month at the County Administration Center, Supervisor's Room).

Fired up! Ready to meet Bob on the 5th of September!


Anonymous said...

Tim Jost made a lot of sense and pointed out some really good information. What I found almost shocking was the fact of what will happen if reform doesn't get passed. This is really a case where inaction will cost us much and may finally ruin our economy beyond repair.
That Dr. Marrow is really smart.

Bubby said...

There will come a day, and soon, where employers will not be able to afford to pay for health care insurance for their employees. And on that day many of the people that believe our government has no place in fixing this problem...are going to be howling for "someone to fix this".