Monday, August 17, 2009

A Picture is Worth One Thousand Words...

From a protest in New Hampshire. Hee Hee!

I spent some time in New Hampshire a few years ago, and found the New England fools every bit as ignorant as our home grown fools. Guess the lane was too long to make it to the school bus on time.


Anonymous said...

"I spent some time in New Hampshire a few years ago, and found the New England fools every bit as ignorant as our home grown fools."

Condescend much? Who are you to say anything about anyone else's ignorance, when all you are is a worthless hack? What is your educational background? How many degrees do you have? Incidentally, this highlights why people in this area hesitate before voting for a Democrat. They know you and others look down your collective nose at them. 'Home grown fools'? Really? Just because they don't vote the way you like.

Bubby said...

See the retired lady (on full-ride health coverage via Medicare)holding up a sign "say no to health care reform". What I read is "screw you, I've got mine".

See the fat boy wearing the Confederate battle flag shirt and holding a sign "Abolish the Federal Government". How did that brilliant idea work out the last time we tried it?

Did you see the sheep that showed up on Court Square to hear Kate Obenshain tell them lies and remind them that they have no right to affordable health care.

Anonymous said...

And I can go to any number of websites and grab pictures from leftist protests under Bush and highlight the idiocy on your side.

But, no worries here...continue the condescension, by all means. Its been doing gangbusters for your side thus far, no? I mean, independents don't want ObamaCare, and a recent Gallup poll showed more people were sympathetic to the protesters than proponents of the plan. Now, if it were me, I'd take a look at those things and think hey, maybe we should stop calling these people unthinking racist Nazi buffoons and actually try to win the debate on the merits. Attacking the people showing up to these things has only hurt your cause. Believe it or not a lot of people have genuine concerns about it, in large part due to Dem ineptitude in crafting and explaining the legislation. To ignore those concerns is foolish, as is putting all this faith and trust in bureaucrats NOT to screw up health care and make things worse.

Bottom line: people may recognize the need for reform, but they don't like what you're selling and they especially don't like to be talked down to because of it.