Saturday, August 1, 2009

Greg Marrow - Voice for the Valley, not Special Interests

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My campaign is not about democrat issues or republican issues, but about community issues. Issues and concerns that affect us all, regardless of party affiliation. Your delegate should work for YOU and never put the priorities of their party above those of the people who elected them. We live in this community together and our voices and needs have been ignored in Richmond for far too long.

Together we can create well paying jobs in our area, we can properly take care of our returning service men and women, and we can make sure that our children have access to adequate health care and quality education.

I look forward to serving you in Richmond.

Your neighbor,

Greg Marrow


Betsy Shifflett said...

Go Dr. Greg, I support you! Thanks for fixing my eye last week, its back to normal now.

Anonymous said...

Greg watch what you say about this not being a democrat or republican issue some people on here will get mad with you if you agree with the awful republicans.

Greg Marrow said...

Thanks Anon, but truth be told, I have some very conservative views (I actually worked on Ronald Reagan's campaign in the 1980s) and I don't mind sharing them with others. The real reason why I decided to run for office was soley because I want to help my community, no matter what the party affiliation.