Thursday, August 6, 2009

Teabaggers Gone Wild!


J. Tyler Ballance said...

The underlying problem of the tea party phenomena is not getting noticed.

Most of the tea party folks don't read anything. They rely on what the hate-radio merchants tell them to think.

Ever since the inauguration, there has been a non-stop stream of hatred and propaganda from the usual right wing mouth pieces.

The reason that the airwaves are flooded with this vile disinformation, is that we have allowed our radio stations to be gobbled-up by a small number of media oligarchs. These oligarchs are mostly heavily supported by Republican (read corporate) interests.

We don't need a "fairness doctrine."

The solution is to use the FCC rules and anti-trust laws to break-up these media oligarchies.

If the rules were that only private, local ownership of a radio station was allowed and no owner could own more than one station, or other form of media at the same time, this would force the return to more diversified ownership, which would greatly diminish the use of programming from the propagandists, such as Limbaugh, Hannity and that blubbering chicken-little, Beck.

Bubby said...

Having witnessed more than a few hooligan protests, I can say that these people are very close to feeling the kiss of the baton, and the sting of mace. They are not interested in public discussion, in fact they seek to prevent it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reckless spending is starting to get everyones attention. 247,000 more jobs lost in July but the Democrats say things are getting better the USA only has so many jobs i wonder how many we will have to be lost before the Democrats realize the stimulus plan has failed ? I told you we would loose over 200,000 more jobs in July.

John Doe said...

J. Tyler, yer ignorance is showing. Radio stations play Rush and Sean and Laura Ingraham because they earn them the most profit. The reason no stations played AIR(head) America is that they produced a crappy product that few agreed with and even fewer wanted to hear. And your ignorant statement that the tea party folks don't read is just proving what an ignoramous you are. Ever been to even one you dipshit?

And NOOOOOOW Bubby starts getting concerned about protesters. When it involves dirtbags and hippies protesting in favor of abortion or more welfare or cutting and running from Iraq, he's got no problems with them. Or when the Mau Mau er in Chief was instigating demonstrations against banks and other corporations, he's all in favor of that. Could it be dirtbags stick together?