Friday, August 7, 2009

Tyco Plant Closes- Marrow Responds

August 7, 2009

Greg Marrow Response to Tyco Plant Closing

Sadly, more of our friends and neighbors will be laid off from work with the closing of the Tyco
plant in Mt. Sydney. Our communities have seen far too many of our manufacturing jobs lost,
and employers moving or closing their doors.

Unfortunately, far too little has been done at the General Assembly level to alleviate the economic burden placed on employees and their families, or to promote new business growth and job creation.

In fact, quite to the contrary of growing the local economy, our current delegate, Steve Landes, would not support the building of a Toyota plant in the district a few years ago, nor did he support a bill that was introduced in the last session that could have potentially brought hundreds of high paying, green collar jobs to the area.

I have long been a strong proponent of the growing multi-billion dollar, green collar industry that
is sweeping across the rest of the country, and I have been campaigning strongly on bringing
these jobs to our communities.

If I am elected as your representative to the 25th, I will not stand
idly by when there are opportunities for economic prosperity and new jobs. Nor will I abandon
our friends and neighbors in their time of need.

As a forward thinker, and in anticipation of closures like the Tyco plant, I would have supported the $125 million of free unemployment benefits that the “Recovery Act” wanted to give the State of Virginia. Sadly, Del. Steve Landes voted against this assistance as well. Personally I believe that Virginians deserve better.

My thoughts and prayers are with the employees and families of Tyco as they struggle through these trying times.

Greg Marrow
Democratic Candidate
House of Delegates, 25th district
McGaheysville, VA

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Anonymous said...

Greg giving unemployment benefits is a short term band-aid fix, it helps for now but does nothing for the long i hope the Democrats will see this before it is to late. Im not saying the people don't need help when they loose their job but you would do more to help them if you created jobs they could retire from. This is where i disagree alot with the stimulus package it has no long term jobs in it. We need to focus on the long term picture this band-aid type fixes will never help the long term. Tom

Bubby said...

Yeah, Virginia Republicans had to kill the Stimulus Unemployment funds to protect unemployed people from having to pay higher taxes!

Anonymous said...

The Stimulus money which was rejected was not a means to increase more jobs but to ensure that foreclosures of homes would not increase due to the continuing lays offs. I think this Press Release did a good job to say they Greg supports creating jobs, and working with the Green jobs money and job training. But on top of that, the stimulus that was rejected would alleviate some burden on the laid off families. There is no one solution to the problems we face, but we need to look in all directions. What will stop the bleeding and then what will heal our problems. i.e Stimulus stops the blooding, and green jobs and job training through business incentives to heal the problems and bring about more jobs and tax revenue. Now that is just a simple example but it gets across the basic idea.

By rejecting stimulus money, it did nothing to alleviate any burdens. And by rejecting tax incentives to Green Manufactoring companies that would create 250 jobs and 500,000 to our community does not bring jobs. That is what the GOP controlled House of Delegates have done.

Rockdem said...

Thanks Tom and Anon. When Claire and I get done washing and waxing her car I'll be back.

Are you back home Bubby?