Friday, June 20, 2008

Age Demographics and the Presidential campaign

Gallup has an interesting analysis up on voting patterns. Sample period = June 5-16, sample size nearly 10,000 registered voters nationwide, including 1,637 in their 40s. Obama led McCain by an average of 47% to 42% among the entire sample of registered voters.

If I'm Obama, it looks like I need to register as many 18-39 year-olds as possible. And isn't it odd that Obama does better with 50-year-olds than 40-year-olds and 80-year-olds than 70-year-olds? I would have guessed that presidential preference this year would be almost directly correlates with age, but not so. I'd read somewhere (sorry, don't remember the link- that's what comes from being 50!) that the theory is that 40 year olds came of age politically during the "failed" Carter and "successful" Reagan presidencies, making them more conservative than nearby age groups.


Anonymous said...

stupid young people need to stay home. there should be a law that you cant vote until your 40.

was gop but no more said...

Young people need to stay home? Like from Iraq perhaps? You don't want them to vote, to have a say in their government or future, but you are willing to start a war and let them do the fighting and dieing for you though, right? Asshole.
I know a young person who has served through two tours of duty in Iraq, and who has volunteered to serve his next tour in Afghanistan and guess what, he will vote absentee for Obama. Like his whole family.

Anonymous said...

he isnt a patriot and you arent either. a good christian ameriacn is a patriot republican first and always. you ever heard of shut up and sing? he needs to shut up and fight. and you just need to shut up.