Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama House Party Saturday!

Please join Shenandoah Valley for Change and

United for Change.

Meet local Obama supporters and learn how you can get involved. Change can’t happen without you!

The event will be held at:

Simpson’s House

133 Sweetgum St.

Elkton VA.22827

Saturday June 28, 2008


For more information Click Here

Email Elaine Simpson


Dave Briggman said...

Can we expect to see or hear the Reverend Jeremiah Wright or, perhaps, a lecture by the distinguished professor of English and confessed domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers?

As was typical at Obama's earlier campaign events, I'd suggest plenty of smelling salts for your partygoers. :-)

Rockdem said...

Great suggestions all Dave, thanks!

Which person would you most like to meet? I'll do what I can to help make it happen.


Tad said...

Mr. Briggman,

It appears you are not currently nor will be supporting Mr. Obama this fall. My question is whether or not there is anything Mr. Obama could do to win your support?

Bubby said...

You can sit around and take shots at strawmen.

You can support McCain and 4 more years of Bushness and his cronies.

You could vote for Bob Barr and support the candidate who has been wrong on just about everything he ever said/did.

You could join Ralph at the I Love Me - Ralph Nader campaign.

Or you can get out and organize for Obama, the candidate for real change.

Bubby said...

Thanks to the Simpsons for opening their home to the gathering. Understand there was also an event in Harrisonburg. Lots of enthusiastic Obama supporters are in the Valley - look around, get involved.