Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Barack Obama, a speech for Tomorrow

Text of Democrat Barack Obama's prepared remarks for a rally on Tuesday in St. Paul, Minn., as released by his campaign:

Sixteen months have passed since we first stood together on the steps of the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois. Thousands of miles have been traveled. Millions of voices have been heard. And because of what you said—because you decided that change must come to Washington; because you believed that this year must be different than all the rest; because you chose to listen not to your doubts or your fears but to your greatest hopes and highest aspirations, tonight we mark the end of one historic journey with the beginning of another—a journey that will bring a new and better day to America. Tonight, I can stand before you and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States.

Read the full speech here


Path Ahead said...

Outstanding! Now the spotlight will begin to shine on candidate McCain and his campaign of four more years of the Bush legacy!

Taking My Country Back! said...

The Campaign to Change America back to an America the world respects and looks to for leadership begins today!

LOST on the way to the middle said...

"and I respect his many accomplishments, even if he chooses to deny mine" as he boomed from the top of Mt. Rushmore. His speech had the feel of an old Kennedy, dying and boring but presumptuous just the same. If you choose to follow this man, I am glad everyone else won't need to vote, you will kill your chances of this great "Change" everyone seems to be talking about.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

#3 you truly are lost.