Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not This Time...


u already know me said...

Ok, so you use cute little videos about "Not this time"...right?

Explain to me what Mr. O is going to do. I do not need to her more "CHANGE" messages without the explanation of how/when/where/how he is going to accomplish this.

You seem more than willing to shove "change" down our throats without feeding us FACTS.


FJW said...

Should be titled "not this time EITHER". Seems B O wants to do another stimulus package, but I won't be getting a check this time EITHER. Seems that even though I had invested over 35,000 dollars last year into our business, that doesn't make me eligible for a stimulus check. SURPRISE. I guess I can pay for my new sewer rates by getting a 2nd job. Thanks DEMS