Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Future -- Moving Things Part 1

We will be examining the possibility and promise of sustainable transportation and energy production, alternatives to plastics, landfill management and recycling, composting on different scales, and building a society which does not place an undue and unfair burden on:
The Next Seven Generations

Moving Things, Part 1

The owners of the MS Beluga, a 462ft cargo vessel, will try to prove that modern steel ships can harness wind power and reduce their reliance on diesel engines. During the journey from Bremen to Venezuela, the crew will deploy a SkySail, a 160 square metre kite which will fly more than 600ft above the vessel, where winds are stronger and more consistent than at sea level.

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Greg said...

Thank you for posting this.
I read this article addressing the same direction in transoceanic shipping.

We are far past the time when this should be developed and strong societal action is imperative.

Marlon S. said...

Looks like the U.S. Navy has been looking at sail too.

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Bubby said...

These things are loosely called traction kites and have been in use for years. My uncle served as an officer aboard a destroyer in the Pacific during WWII and he told me that they had several large traction kites stowed to provide alternative power in case their engines became disabled.

Bubby said...

This video has been around for a couple of years - gives you a sense of the power available. These guys are pro kite sailors - don't try this on your farm pond!

all about progress said...

Very impressive kite sailing presentation!

The future looks bright indeed.
If you wanted to interest young men in R & D, this would do it.

Rockdem said...

Here's another article:

The revival of the sailing ship