Sunday, June 1, 2008

Episode IV-----A New Vision-----Accepting the Nomination

2008 Democratic Party Presidential Nominee Acceptance Address

"The New Vision"

My fellow Democrats:

With high resolve and deep gratitude, I accept your nomination. It has been a long campaign -- too long, too expensive, with too much media attention on matters irrelevant to our nation’s future. I salute each of my worthy opponents for conducting a clean fifty-state campaign focusing on the real issues facing our nation, including health care, the public debt burden, energy independence, and national security, a campaign testing not merely which of us could raise and spend the most money but who among us could best lead our country; a campaign not ignoring controversial issues like taxation, immigration, fuel conservation, and the Middle East, but conducting, in essence, a great debate -- because our party, unlike our opposition, believes that a free country is strengthened by debate.

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1 comment:

The Great Divider said...

Great points but to assume that ANY Dem that is running could live up to his expectations is ridiculous at best. Try to read that post while looking in the mirror and you will see it is impossible...your party hates itself too much to do ANY good for the USA. Just talk to Pelosi.