Thursday, June 19, 2008

What We Can Do to Help Our Candidates Win


Meeting Tonight!

Rockingham County Democratic Committee

Date: Thursday, June 19,2008

Location: Rockingham County Administration Center

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Help RCDC Turn Virginia Blue This November

How You and I Can Help Our Candidates Win

At our June meeting, we’ll hear from the campaign organizations of

VA Victory ’08 (The Virginia Coordinated Campaign,

Adam White, from the Mark Warner for Senate Campaign,

(Adam will be bringing us signs and campaign materials)


Sam Rasoul, for Congress

about how we can be part of the ground game

to help their campaigns succeed.

The Rockingham County Democratic Executive Committee

will also discuss

our organizational plan for party involvement and growth.

Please join us. The time to get involved is now.

Directions: The County Administration Center is located at 20th East Gay St., Harrisonburg (corner of East Gay and North Main).

RCDC – Dedicated to working on the real issues affecting the Valley


Anonymous said...

Very good meeting except for the little woman who got so angry when she tried (and failed) to convince the group that republicans wouldn't dare bring up her candidate's association with Islam.
Local dems let her know that his campaign better come up with a stronger and more proactive response. She wasn't happy, but the truth is the truth.

Anonymous said...

what in the world are you talking about? association with islam?

Josef T. said...

Rasoul is a Muslim whose heritage is Palistinian. Some of his advisers seem to want to try and "hide" this from people, just sure that it won't get out and be made an issue by the Republicans. Trying to be secretive about Sam's heritage plays into the racist redneck manipulation that the GOP uses as a mainstay in their playbook. Republicans are masters at whipping up a frenzy of fear and racism and bigotry, and to think they will do otherwise in this race represents thinking that has no place in politics. If that's what the "little woman" was trying for at the meeting referenced above, she ought to look for work in a field she understands.

Louis Harrel said...

I found a reference to this article on a republican blog:
Rasoul looks for third campaign manager

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that the idiots who jumped the gun on endorsing Rasoul haven't screwed up the Dem slate for November! Why couldn't we simply have a normal nomination caucus and process which would have allowed Richardson and Allen the opportunity to seek support without all the back room deal making that took place in some of the committees? At least Harrisonburg and Rockingham put together a fair and reasonable debate that allowed for participation by the northern end of the district.

Gabriel said...

Sam Rasoul is working hard to earn the privilege to serve the people of this district in Washington.
He is taking the time to speak with and listen to everyone who lives and works here. No one even knows who Goodlatte or Allen is. And with good reason, cause until they want something for themselves, they're not around.

Anonymous said...

Strange that someone doesn't know who their congressman is. Maybe these links will help people know who the candidates are: