Monday, March 23, 2009

Are You a Patriot?

The Most Pervasive Combat Injury Among U.S. Soldiers is Invisible -- and the Pentagon Has Tried to Keep it That Way.

The DoD finally admits that 360,000 Iraq and Afghanistan vets may have suffered serious brain injuries they previously dismissed as mild concussions.

First story

Second story

Third story

Fourth story

Fifth story

Beginning to get the picture?

This tragic story has no foreseeable end...

So a very fair question to ask the candidates who pursue your support, your money for their campaign, and ultimately you vote, would be:

What are you going to do about this situation?


You and I,

Demanded and expected these valiant young people to go to war...

Be a true Patriot.

Support our Troops with something other than a yellow ribbon on your car.

Support them with YOUR COMMITMENT that they and their families will not be forgotten.

And will not be pushed aside as inconvenient and costly...

Vote for the candidate, Democrat or Republican, who will support those who have willingly given their all for our country, our safety, and our future security...

Click Here for the Wounded Warrior Project

Click Here for the Only Local Brain Injury Support Organization in Western Virginia

Get out your check book...


An honest American said...

Wendy had been diagnosed with PTSD since her convoy was blind-sided 14 months in. Unfortunately, the Army has not been able to quell the nightmares and headaches and now she has marching orders back to Iraq within 6 months. Her personality and compassion has changed dramatically and we have a hard time talking to her.

These injuries are real, but what can be done to help?

Lowell said...

I'll get back to you after work this evening on this.