Friday, March 20, 2009

Del. Todd Gilbert (R-Woodstock) - Crybaby

Todd Gilbert was down at the VDOT Hearing in Verona last weekend, wailing and kicking his feet because his plan to starve VDOT of transportation funding had finally succeeded and it had come back to bite his constituents.

In an effort to make ends meet with a $3.7 Billion dollar shortfall VDOT has been forced to reduce maintenance on rural roads (Class 4 and 5). Gilbert attacked VDOT Commissioner David Ekern for failing to meet the requirements of the 1932 Byrd Road Act - an obscure law that requires the state to relieve localities for the cost of road maintenance. It would all be funny if it were not for the simple fact that Delegate Todd Gilbert is a member of the General Assembly and has steadfastly refused to support legislation to properly fund highway costs.

Gilbert pointed out the untold damage that could be possible to local economies in these rural areas. There 90 percent of their roads are in the Class 4 and 5, the two classes which will see significant reductions in maintenance.

Well isn't that special? You are a day late and a dollar short with the outrage Todd. Your finger may be pointing at VDOT, but but the rest of your digits are pointing back at you.

Basically, the department just decided on their own that they're going to seriously cut back on maintenance and snow removal for as much as 90 percent of the roads in my district.

No Todd, VDOT has a very precise budgeting mandate and you decided not to support it with adequate funding.

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