Sunday, March 15, 2009

Noel Enters Race for the 25th HoD

Jim Noel, from Mt. Sidney, has formally announced his entry into the race for Virginia's 25th House of Delegate seat, currently held by Republican Steve Landes. He will seek his party's nomination in the upcoming June 9th Democratic Primary. He will be competing with Greg Marrow from Rockingham County.

Noel, 42, is a Facility Planner with Perdue Farms in Bridgewater. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio he moved to the Valley in 1993. His wife, Rachel, is native to the area. The Noel's have three children. He has been active in youth sports programs, serving as a soccer coach and softball league officer.

"I am originally from Ohio and my wife was born and raised in Mount Sidney. When we decided to settle down and raise a family there was only one choice, here in Virginia. I have been here now for over 16 years and have seen a lot of changes over this time. Businesses closing, hundreds of people out of work, subdivisions going up. Most importantly where we are not being represented in this area. That is why I decided to run. I am only one person. I will not say my ideas for this district are any more important than yours, but I will say – I will listen to anyone that would like to be heard and discuss openly and honestly your ideas and/or concerns involving ‘our’ community."
The main areas of focus for his campaign will be: Schools, Responsible Government and Transportation Infrastructure.

"We must strengthen our schools, community colleges, and universities. At the local level, we need to develop more specialized schools like Valley Vo-Tech and Massanutten. Our children that choose not to attend college need localized access to training for jobs that are in demand, and in new technologies. This will give Virginia an advantage in bringing in new businesses."

Responsible Government
"We need government to be effective, not bureaucratic. We need straightforward, honest problem solving, not partisan politics. As voters, we must hold all accountable for the results of their policies."

Highways, Bridges and Roads
"The widening of our current roads, or the building of new ones, will not ease the burden we have now with the overcrowding of our current transportation system and the condition of many of our State’s bridges. We desperately need legislation to create a lock-box system, where it is mandatory that monies collected from fuel taxes be used on our State’s highways."

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Full disclosure : Author is chair of Democratic Nomination Committee for the 25th HD.

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