Saturday, March 7, 2009

Does Rush make you proud?

The Grand Overlord and Leader
of the GOP

Republicans Dare Not Disobey the Mighty Rushbo!


John Doe said...

Why do you care? Sharpton. Jesse "Whose your Daddy?" Jackson. Keith the Nazi Olbermann. Nancy the dumbfuck Pelosi. Chris "Even bigger cheerleader than Lowell" Matthews. John "Big Daddy" Edwards. Jesse "I'll take that bribe" Jackson Jr. John "I won't take that bribe AT THIS TIME" Murtha. William "The Refrigerator" Jefferson. Bubba "Better put some ice on it" Clintoon. All your too many to mention little faggots who never pay taxes but get elevated to Cabinet positions anyway. Speakin of faggots, Barney "Prostitution ring out of his basement" Frank. Yeah, you democraps are such wonderful examples.

An honest American said...

Yeah, kettle/pot kinda thinking here at the TOP?

AMAZING !...and shamefully useless.

Anonymous said...

Ditto what they said!
Mega Dittos!!!!
Vote Republican! It's easier than thinking.

An honest American said...

Simply ignore your own got us this wonderful new president, didn't it?

Toni D said...

Actually, what got us this wonderful new president was a country full of people who finally woke up to the fact that your party and president has run the United States off the road and up to the axles in a mess we'll be lucky to get ourselves out of. The ignorance is yours. Thanks so much, not!