Saturday, March 28, 2009

Politician Lurks Among Teen Girls

Family Values on Display

Rep. Eric Cantor Hosts a Britney Spears Fundraiser

If there are three things that stimulate House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) even more than the president's economic package, they are tax reform, GOP fundraising, and Britney Spears grinding in dominatrix gear.

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notlarrysabato blog about VA Rep Cantor

Cantor Defends Britney Concert Attendance: Not An Issue Whatsoever

"I don't know why that's an issue whatsoever," said the House Minority Whip. "There was a concert and I had a political event at that concert. Look, that is why I was there." "I think my daughter really was mad that she wasn't there."

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GOP's Cantor Does Fundraiser at Britney Spears Concert

The event was hosted by the Truckers Association, which has a box at the Verizon Center, where Spears was performing.

A Cantor aide reportedly told the Washington Post that his boss didn’t enjoy himself, but saw it as a valuable outreach to grow the party’s base.

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Anonymous said...

What a wholesome man.

Jeff said...

Here's an interesting site

Jeff said...

Is Cantor's Star Dimming Already?

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, you know he wasn't there to see the young girls, these are Republicans. They were there to see the young boys

NotEricCantor said...


Anonymous said...

This is creepy weird.

A U.S. Congressman and a bunch of middle aged rich men in a luxury suite with a well stocked bar at a concert expected to attract 13 year old girls.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 9:39 AM,

You are so right! Everyone knows this is some good "foot tapping" music! They play Britney in most airport men's rooms.

John Doe said...

I love how liberals--who are the very definition of amoral--get their little panties in a bunch when some so-called conservative politician sees a silly little concert. Now, if he was a Democrat Senator who left somebody to die in their underwater car, or who ran a fag bordello out of his basement, suddenly they would be as protective of them as a mother bear of her cubs.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, we all know that Britney is the very epitome of the Republican value system.