Saturday, March 14, 2009

Creigh Deeds - Why He's Running...

poor sound quality - but great unedited, unfiltered, first person reporting

Creigh Deeds at an "on-the-record" Blue blogger meet-up and interview session last night.

video from Blue Virginia, first-hand report from Blue Commonwealth

As the primary is moving into the final ninety days, I have been troubled by the failure of any of the campaigns to really articulate an overarching vision – as distinct from a specific policy position on this issue or that -- for Virginia’s future – that one thing that sets the candidate apart and that will profoundly improve the lives of everyone in the Commonwealth. This was true even for the candidate I support, Creigh Deeds.

Tonight changed that. Tonight I heard Creigh Deeds describe a vision of what his term as Governor would mean for Virginians, how he would achieve it, and why he is the person to accomplish it. Creigh spoke with genuine conviction about his desire to transform Virginia politics to take control of our government away from the entrenched political and moneyed interests that currently command it and return to its rightful place, we the people. aznew - Blue Commonwealth

Full disclosure - This author supports the Creigh Deeds campaign for Governor.

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