Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wall That Heals Reminder

This second posting of this event was the suggestion of Frank Witt,
Thank you Frank.

The Wall that Heals...
Viet Nam Veterans Memorial
In Harrisonburg, Virginia,
April 2nd through the 5th
Ralph Sampson Park
Visit any time-Get Directions

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This event to honor our Veterans of the Viet Nam War has been organized by
Kay Kibler of Broadway, VA
the Ladies Auxiliary of the Chimney Rock VFW Post # 9660.
For more information call Kay at 540-820-2331.
Thank you Kay! You are a blessing to our community...

1 comment:

An honest American said...

Lowell, thank you...I just found it odd that with the amount of traffic YOU have here you wouldn't highlight it.

If we don't learn from the past, we are bound to repeat it. I don't want what is going on now to turn into something back in Vietnam, nor do I want our service members treated that way. Whether or not I had a direct connection I still support those men and women that put their asses on the line to help others...plain and simple. Help those that cannot readily help themselves.

Thanks again...