Thursday, July 23, 2009

8 Vie for GOP Nomination in 20th

Note: This is from the official Republican Party Press Release

Cliff Fretwell

Mr. Fretwell has been a local Republican activist and leader for over thirty years, having chaired the Staunton Republican Committee for a number of those years. He is a member of the Staunton Kiwanis and FCA and the Board of Realtors in Augusta County. Fretwell can be contacted at 540-886-0145.

John D. Beghtol

Mr. Beghtol is the Director of Community Services of Western State Hospital and a former President of the local Chamber of Commerce. With well over thirty years of service to this community under his belt, Beghtol would make mental health a priority while serving in the General Assembly. He believes it would be an honor to work in the historic chambers of the Virginia General Assembly. Mr. Beghtol can be reached at 540-448-3316.

Charles Curry

Mr. Curry spent 35 years as a public educator - spending 24 of those years at James Madison University and 2 at Virginia Tech. Mr. Curry unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for the 20th House seat against Chris Saxman in 2001 in one of the largest local, nominating events in state history. His last foray into politics was an unsuccessful, Independent run against Augusta County Supervisor Larry Howdyshell. Mr. Curry can be reached at 540-894-5889.

David Karaffa

Mr. Karaffa is an Augusta County party activist and 25 yr old cardiac nurse. He considers his top priorities: "fiscal responsibility, real estate assessment reform, education, healthcare, a responsible energy policy, government transparency, and job creation." Mr. Karaffa can be reached at (540) 943-1651.

Christopher DeWald

Mr. DeWald is a resident of Staunton and Vice-Chairman of the Crossroads to Brain Injury Recovery, headquartered at James Madison University. He is a veteran and a contributor to local newspapers and magazines. If elected Mr. DeWald would not accept a salary. Mr. DeWald can be contacted at (540) 886-1571.

Richard "Dickie" Bell

Councilman Bell has spent 27 years in public service as a teacher, educator, coach and public official. He has spent over a decade serving on the Staunton City Council where he has been a tireless advocate for lower taxes and limited government. Councilman Bell can be reached at (540) 448-4763.

Charles Hawkins

Charles "Chuck" Hawkins, 48 years old and a resident of Staunton and a Data Architect with a Harrisonburg software company, is a self-described policy wonk who relishes complexity and systematic analysis of issues and problems. Chuck passionately advocates for controlling government spending, creating jobs, facilitating a realistic and sustainable energy policy, and improving educational quality. Living in Staunton with wife Kathy and daughters, his working in Harrisonburg, her working in Stuarts Draft as a school band director, and their owning horses in western Augusta, Chuck can represent every portion of this district, from the highlands of Monterey to the farms and stables of Augusta and Rockingham, from the city and towns of the district to the industry and growth of the I-64 and I-81 corridors.

Ray Ergenbright

Mr. Ergenbright served as Staunton Commissioner of Revenue for over ten years. He has been a local Republican activist for nearly twenty years and brings a level of passion and commitment to every job he holds. Mr. Ergenbright can be reached at 540-886-7792.


Anonymous said...

One of the good old boy RINOs will be the candidate.
A strong conservative like Mr. Karaffa doesn't stand a chance I'm afraid. He could be a big part of the Valley GOP future, but the teachers and old boys won't allow it.
Hanger won't allow it.

Sammy Newcomb said...

"the legislative committee chairs or their designees each cast one weighted vote. Augusta 40%, Rockingham 29%, Staunton 26% and Highland 5%."

Chairman Shirley, whose leadership team expelled Kurt Michael and Lynn Mitchell and others (close allies of Anne Taetzh), has the power hand and the SWAC people are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Some democrap lite is going to get the nomination. We are witnessing the fall of what use to be a conservative stronghold.

GOP-to be said...

It is so refreshing to see so many qualified candidates that are coming from the side of reason. Maybe now I can stop calling myself an independent and start calling myself a republican again!

No more mitchell, no more Sayre, yeah!!And we all know tha if anon supports karaffa, then he must be a right wingnut. Thanks for tipping us off!

As for Hanger allowing anything, if he was a real man/senator he never would have allowed Obenshein to tread on his turf. Hanger won't do anything.

Anonymous said...

GOP to Be, don't bother calling yourself a Repbulican youliberal POS! Real conservatives don't want you! Yoiu Dem hacks are not tricking us!

Anonymous said...

Shirley sucks! He want to give the godly Republicans up to the ungodly democraps! Why dont he just go ahead and join the d3emocrats? Anybody he supports is a closet demotraiter! Lets win for Jeff Frederick and George Allen! Screw the RINO!

Belle Rose said...

DeWald quit about as fast as he announced he was in. He's endorsed Karaffa. Kinda wondering if all this was staged.

Belle Rose said...

Sammy--don't know if I agree with your analysis that Shirley has the power hand. No matter how you slice and dice, it will take two. Anne and Mike (I assume is R'ham rep) could control. Plus, not so sure Shirley isn't sympathetic. swacs don't represent most repubs, but they might manipulate this back room deal.