Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dickie Bell selected in 7-way GOP horse race in 20th

Erik Curren Democratic candidate 20th HD

Richard "Dickie" Bell Republican candidate 20th HD

Dickie Bell scored the Republican nomination for the 20th House of Delegates in special GOP committee selection process following a public forum at Buffalo Gap High School tonight.

More detailed reporting on the Republican candidate forum Q&A to follow.

So it's Game On in the 20th between Bell and Curren. It's looking like a race to the middle of the political spectrum. The hard-right wing was turned away tonight. Bell is no Extreme Right Winger, and Curren is running as a fiscally moderate pro-business Democrat. Both are honorable men. A healthy debate about the economic future of the 20th district should ensue.

At this point... the lead issues are Jobs, Education, and Transportation -- hopefully not divisive social issues.

We'll see if the promise of civil discourse and economic focus holds for both sides.


Uncle Sam said...

This nomination is a HUGE setback to the rightwing nut job freaks like SWAC girl, Sayre, and the "nurse." It is refreshing to see the GOP move back toward the center after so many years of irrational behavior and lack of reason.

Anonymous said...

This is further proof that the RINOs have taken over the Republican Party. Obenshain has failed, or stabbed us in the back. McDonnell playing to the center, stabbed Jeff Frederic in the back too. Now McDonnell is talking about making people pay tolls! Tolls! Why not just run as a Dem? Sellouts!

Bubby said...

The whole thing reminds me of The Islamic Republic of Iran - seven or eight people run for office in a "democratic" contest...and the designated guy "wins".

The difference is that Valley Republicans are much more obedient than the Iranian people.

Jeremy Aldrich said...

I don't think anyone said the selection of the candidate was going to be done by popular vote. Do the local Dems do it any differently?

Bubby said...

Yeah, the Dems had a mix of primaries and caucuses and selected their candidates by popular majority vote.

In the case of the 20th HOD district - there were no Democratic challengers to Erik Curren, and the primary was cancelled.

Uncle Sam said...

There is absolutely no difference between zealous Iranians, Saudis and Valley neocons. They both are ignorant, filled with hate, right wing, willing to kill innocent people in the name of their cause, and, talk funny. They even pray to the same god (just a different messiah), and hold the same city as Holy. They are just too stupid to realize their own hypocracy.

Uncle Sam said...

worked up aren't you? What exactly does it feel like to be a minority?