Friday, July 17, 2009

Curren Racing for Open Seat?

A look at Erik Curren

From Curren's website:

Erik serves as the marketing director for the American Shakespeare Center, in Staunton, Virginia, where he also volunteers on several local and statewide boards related to economic development, tourism, and the arts.

A co-founder of Staunton Green 2020 — a citizens’ coalition dedicated to helping the city generate 20% of its energy from clean local sources, and cut its global warming pollution, both by the year 2020 — Erik has long sought to promote clean energy and efficiency to create good jobs for all.

Click here to visit Curren's campaign website


Anonymous said...

What you forget is that 1) Saxman's district is hiiiighly Red with no chance of an D getting elected even if they are the only one running and 2) By this time Monday, there will be an R candidate and they will be a strong one.

Oh, and 3...Curren only had $600 this reporting period. SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS!

GOP Left Me said...

When do you think your masters will send you your talking points anon?

This put you into shock some kind of bad.

Anonymous said...

Gop Left Me did FULK ok you to say that ?

Toni D. said...

Lowell sure has you guys tied in a knot. Are you asking yourselves what he had on Saxman? What he might have on the others? You're pathetic little boys.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The comments from the anonymous Republican paid bloggers sure dropped off.
I wonder why?