Sunday, July 5, 2009

Masters of Quit

What do Sarah Palin


Bob McDonnell

Have in common?

They're both Quitters

who are more concerned

about getting ahead

than they are about doing the job

people elected them to do......

"For the last three years, I've had a terrific opportunity to serve as Virginia's 44th attorney general, But now it's time for me to fully begin a new challenge in my life."
Bob Mcdonnell, February, 2009

"How sad that Washington and the media will never understand; it's about country. And though it's honorable for countless others to leave their positions for a higher calling and without finishing a term, of course we know by now, for some reason a different standard applies for the decisions I make."
Sarah Palin, July, 2009

Palin-McDonnell 2012?
Palin-McDonnell in 2012
Just makes sense......


Anonymous said...

What does Jimmy Carter and BHO have in common ? Both let down their supporters and Carter only served 1 term and thats all BHO will serve.

John Doe said...

Ironic, coming from the faggot who quit the GOP...

Bubby said...

Well to be honest, Bob McDonnell was a lousy Attorney General - he issued the ruling that those transportation tax authorities were legal, something that the Virginia Supreme Court unanimously found illegal. He needed to go. Maybe he can find a nice flock to minister.

Anonymous said...

Palin seems to be saying that it's in the best interests of Alaska for her to resign. Appears Alaskans are thinking that way too.

Anonymous said...

The last two governors of Va have been Democrats both ran a campaign on bringing more jobs to VA and fixing the budget both have failed to deliver.

GOP Left Me said...

Anon lives in a fantasy world of make believe budgets and pretend numbers and bridges built on cloudy vapor.
In the real world real things cost real money which must come from somewhere, like a real source.
In the real world the last two governors managed to put Virginia's house into fiscal order to the extent that even with the present budget crisis we are still considered the best managed state in the country. They have delivered. You just can't admit it because you know your guys couldn't. Something else you can't stand is that Obama has saved many transportation projects in the state that your boys refused to consider funding and people are taking notice.
Abusive driver fees and unconstitutional regional taxing authorities haven't solved squat, have delayed all projects which increases the ultimate cost, and are the best your boys could come up with.
Any businessman or woman knows that there is a cost for doing business. Only your politicians, and evidently you, think that you can get something for nothing.

Shelly Newcomb said...

Palin/McDonnell 2012? We can only hope! Great campaign poster too!
That there is funny I don't care who you are! Bob McD does look like a Ken doll and would fit quite nicely with "Carabou Barbie".
Too funny.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the screw ups in the AG's office that he never did anything about?

not a dittohead said...

Palin did a complete flip flop on the bridge to nowhere. What about that for a bold faced lie?

Anonymous said...

What state do you idiots live in? VA now has a 300 million dollar shortfall it sounds to me like they have done a piss poor job.

Anonymous said...

Wanting something for nothing isn't that exactly what the new health care plan is all about ?

Rockdem said...

anon, do you think Va exists in a vacuum? Hold Va up to other states to see how we stand comparatively. Then you will have a more accurate measure.

Something I don't think you realize is that when Warner took office (after eight years of Allen and Gilmore) the VDOT record for job completion on time was something like 20%.

Warner improved that performance to some 60% completed on time and Kaine has carried the percentage of jobs completed on time even higher.

Jobs completed on budget in 2001 when Warner took office were 38%, and when Kaine took office 80% of work came in at budget, and this percentage has also improved under Kaine's administration.

The economy crashed for everyone anon, those who were well positioned were in less trouble, not no trouble.

Anonymous said...

Fulk i know of two roads that were on the 6 year plan when Warner took office that are still not fixed. Fulk i do not dislike Warner as a matter of fact i voted for the man last year and yes im a Republican but instead of voting for the party i voted for the man i felt was better for the state of Va.However i can not say the same for Kaine and if you are honest you would agree.What i was trying to say is simple the Democrats don't have all of the right answers.

Rockdem said...

I agree Tom, no one individual or group has all the right answers.

This is why our government was designed as it was, to force people to work together toward a commonly beneficial solution. But to do so, to attain that goal, both sides of an issue must be willing at least to come to the table and try.