Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is what Leadership looks like: John Lesinski

Local educators and veterans are rallying behind a proposal to integrate Military Awareness Education into Virginia's Standards of Learning. John Lesinski, candidate for Virginia's 15th District House of Delegates, is spearheading the effort, which would require public schools to teach students about the structure and function of the United States military, military reserves, and National Guard.

Currently, the Standards of Learning do not explicitly address the Armed Forces other than in a historical context or to discuss the draft. Lesinski's plan would add a brief segment into the Curriculum Framework for Virginia and U.S. Government that provides fact-based information about the different military branches, including active duty, reserve, and National Guard forces. Additional information would be included to address issues facing veterans. The intent of this proposal is not to recruit students into the military, but rather to address an important segment of the government that has a far-reaching impact into the lives of Virginians.

Meredith Gorfein, a member of the Rappahannock County School Board, strongly supports this concept. According to Gorfein, public school instruction on military and veteran issues is vital to provide a thorough understanding of their roles and responsibilities in our government and society.


Sammy Newcomb said...

I know that Lesinski is a retired Marine, that Marrow is a Navy Veteran, and that Hart is an Army Vet, how about Gilbert, Landes and Lohr?

Anonymous said...

None of the republicans mentioned have any military service experience at all.

Anonymous said...

Were Hart, Lesinski and Marrow in leadership roles?

Ruby Munoz said...

I can't speak for Hart but I heard that Dr. Marrow was the head of the eye clinic at his last base, and Mr. Lesinski, being a retired Colonel, had to have been in a leadership role wouldn't you think?

What leadership role has Lohr been in? Farmer leading his cattle? Sort of how the VA GOP lead him these days?

Landes, a loan officer at a bank?


Gene Hart said...

Anon 1358

I enlisted in the Army in 1985 after graduating from the University of Virginia. My MOS was 11B (Infantry) and I did my initial training at Ft. Benning, GA. While at Benning, I applied for and was accepting into Officer's Candidate School (also done at Benning).

The Army, in its infinite wisdom, decided that the proper role for this just-trained infantry soldier was to be a Field Artillery Second Lieutenant. So, off to Fort Sill, OK I went. When I was done at Sill, I returned to Benning for Airborne School and then headed to West Germany.

From 1987 to 1990, I served in the 3rd Infantry (Mech) Division - ROCK OF THE MARNE. My home unit was 2/41 FA but I spent my three years there attached to various manuever units in Aschaffenburg. I served as a Company Fire Support Officer (B Co, 1/7 Inf), a Battalion Fire Support Officer (1/7 Infantry and 4/66 Armor) and as an assistant Brigade Fire Support Officer (3rd Brigade, 3ID). During my time with the Marne Division I was promoted to First Lieutenant and chosen to be promoted to Captain (though I was not promoted to O-3 until after I left active service).

In March 1990, I left the Army to return to UVA for law school. However, in the summer when my old unit was notified that it was going to Kuwait as part of Operation Desert Shield, I volunteered to return to active duty. At the time, the Army declined my invitation so I continued on with school. However, in mid-December (after I got home from my final exam of my first semester), the Army called to ask if I would return to active duty to serve with the 155 Armored Brigade (Mississippi National Guard)which was then being mobilized. I agreed and left home right after Christmas.

I served with the 155th in Texas (Ft. Hood for train-up), California (at the National Training Center, what a great time!) and then in Mississippi (for demobilization). We did not get deployed to the Gulf because the ground war started and ended during the 155th's predeployment training. In May (or was it April?), I returned home to my family in Virginia.

I spent the rest of my military obligation in the Individual Ready Reserve without serving further on active duty. During my time in the IRR I received my promotion to Captain. That is the rank I held when I finally left the service.

Sorry for the lengthy response but I wanted to answer your question. If you desire additional information you can ask for it here or you can email me direct at

Shari said...

What an interesting proposal.
And what a worthwhile proposal.
I find it refreshing and reassuring that we finally have some candidates who actually have honorably served our country in the military working to represent us as opposed to urban cowboys who have just been waving the flag and displaying yellow ribbon magnets on their cars.

These Veterans have a built in understanding of issues that Lohr, Landes and Gilbert can't even begin to comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Hart you should get all the advice you can from Fulk he is great at winning elections. LMAO

Toni D. said...

Urban cowboys? What a funny thought!
Or "Midnight"Cowboys?

Anonytroll has absolutely nothing to say about Veterans from the Army, Navy, and Marine Corp, so he changes the subject like the little coward he is.

Anonymous said...

ToniD did Fulk ok you to say that ?

Anonymous said...

Kinda like you changeed the subject when someone asked if you liked Uncle Sam's comment when he used the word GAY as a insult.

Anonymous said...

Ruby Munoz don't bad mouth farmers Fulk won't like it.