Thursday, February 11, 2010

71% of Americans Believe Palin Un-qualified...

From a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll reported on July 29, 2009:

Two-thirds, 67%, said they don’t ever want the former Alaska governor to be president, compared with the 21% who said they would. Source

A poll conducted by the Washington Post/ABC and released today, February 11, 2010 finds that:

71% say Palin's unqualified to be president

Just 37 percent of Republicans hold a "strongly favorable opinion" of Palin in the poll, "about half" the thumbs-up recorded when she was chosen as the Republicans' 2008 vice presidential nominee.

Only 6 percent of Democrats and 29 percent of Independents feel Palin is qualified to be president. Source

Joe Biden, in his way of being right on things he's not supposed to be talking about, riffed last night on Sarah Palin, pretty much exactly matching the results of a poll today showing she no longer even has a majority of Republicans saying she's qualified to be president. Source

The poll also found Palin's approval rating at a new low, with just 37% holding a favorable opinion of her. Meanwhile, 55% of respondents have an unfavorable opinion of the former Alaska Governor. Source

So if 71% of Americans have no faith in Sarah Palin's qualifications,...

Then who does?
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Citizen Tom said...

You realize -- well, maybe you don't, but let's put a little bug in your ear. Several, in fact.
1. Nobody is qualified to run a socialist state, and that is the job the current resident in the White House wants.
2. Obama's popularity is plummeting. You don't suppose that has something to do with fact he wants to stick his nose into everyone else's business?
3. A government with limited powers is easier to run.
4. 2012 is not here yet. You are jumping the gun.

Anonymous said...

Most Republican party officials Believe that President Obama is a socialist and say so, the rest want to believe that President Obama is a socialist but are rational enough to know they would look like a dumbass if they said so.

However the most shocking thing about the Republican party to a majority of Americans is that just a short 18 months ago they were pimping Sarah Palin as a qualified Commander in Chief behind a sign that read "Country First". This in the aftermath of George Bush, The Worst President in U.S. History, and a similarly "empty vessel"...a guy they won't even acknowledge, his ruin ignored.

You have to wonder; is there no whacked idea that Republicans can't be led to Believe if you chant if repeatedly? I'm beginning to think that a prolonged war crimes trial may be if only to present the evidence and disrupt the Fox News programming.

Anonymous said...

For being a bumbling, unqualified dolt you folks sure do pay a lot of attention to her, Lowell.

Bubby said...

When people ask me what the Republican Party has to offer, I point at Sarah Palin. They scoured the nation and SHE was their best bet for VP?

As to what the "Teaparty" has to offer America? More Palin.

Anonymous said...

When people ask me what the Democrats have I say a president that couldn't even pass health care reform with the Democrats in control but what do you expect from a man that doesn't even know how many states we have.YES YOU DID hahaha.

Jack H. said...

To the last post by genius anonymous, guess you have to eat those words now huh? Yes we did!