Saturday, February 20, 2010

Aid for the World - How you can be the change you wish to see...


Carl Keyes,
Director of Aid for the World,
Visits Harrisonburg
Sustained Volunteerism in a Global Society:
Everyone Can Make a Difference

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
7:30pm - 9:30pm
Court Square Theater
61 Graham Street
Harrisonburg, VA

Carl Keyes, the managing director of Aid for the World (, will be visiting Harrisonburg on March 3, 2010.
You are invited to his presentation to the community where he will share the work of his non-profit organization. His presentation will include his journey in developing sustained volunteerism programs across the globe.
In particular, Mr. Keyes will focus on the work being done to combat injustice, poverty, and overwhelming deprivation due to economic distress. Carl will explain how we as individuals, organizations, church groups and the like can join in the efforts necessary to change the world and the conditions of all citizens of our global society.
Aid for the World is a private international humanitarian aid organization dedicated to establishing meaningful local and international partnerships to address critical human needs in unique new ways. Aid for the World is committed to helping individuals and families in impoverished communities improve their lives by addressing immediate needs as well as developing sustainable local economies.

This presentation will focus on the limitations of short-term aid and support in producing long-term change through sustained aid, support, and development. Through sustainable economic programs, community development, technological initiatives, and educational outreach, Aid for the World (AID) seeks to create an environment for long-term growth and prosperity.

When: Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 7:30 pm
Admission: Free
Where: Court Square Theater, 61 Graham Street, Harrisonburg, VA
What: Mr. Carl Keyes, Founder and Managing Director, Aid for the World
Sponsors: Relief Efforts, College of Education, JMU, Rockingham County Democratic Committee, Seven Generations, JMU Young Democrats

For more information, contact Mary Slade, Rachel Fulk, or Lowell Fulk.

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