Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Palin Hypocrisy.......

Remember her hatred for "socialized" medicine? Remember her vision of (gasp!) DEATH PANELS? Well apparently Good Old Girl Sarah has no problem putting her own flesh and blood, her own grandchild, in the hands of the evil, socialist, baby killing medical system. As legal documents show, Sarah has Tripp enrolled in the Indian Health Services AND the Alaska Native Medical Center.
.....I'm sure that this made FoxNews...didn't it?


Anonymous said...

You people are beyond parody. That's Bristol's kid, so not sure how this is an indictment of Sarah Palin. Besides that, did the Dems who opposed Bush's tax cuts return their savings?

Anoetosophobic said...

Pay attention....I said it was Palin's grandchild. You're real bright to figure out that it was Bristol's kid. As for the indictment, it is well know that Palin has been the decision maker regarding Tripp's upbringing and Bristol's divorce. Here's another point that im sure will be lost on you.....If Palin truly believed the crap that she spews, do ya think she'd allow her own grandchild to be a victim of it? If so, then she is either the worst mother on the planet (the jury is still out on this one), or the biggest hypocritical sleaze around...and that is my point.