Saturday, February 13, 2010

America - How We Got To This Point - A Piece of the Puzzle...

How we got here, one piece of the puzzle:

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- In a major victory for the White House, the Senate early Friday voted 77-23 to authorize President Bush to attack Iraq if Saddam Hussein refuses to give up weapons of mass destruction as required by U.N. resolutions. Hours earlier, the House approved an identical resolution, 296-133."

"The Senate vote sharply divided Democrats, with 29 voting for the measure and 21 against. All Republicans except Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island voted for passage."

"In the House, six Republicans -- Ron Paul of Texas; Connie Morella of Maryland; Jim Leach of Iowa; Amo Houghton of New York; John Hostettler of Indiana; and John Duncan of Tennessee -- joined 126 Democrats in voting against the resolution."


Bush began the Iraq war, Obama is ending the Iraq war.
The United States has invested enough borrowed money in waging war, building an enormous military infrastructure in Iraq to support the war, and in rebuilding the destruction we have wreaked upon Iraq, to contribute greatly to our present dismal economic situation. 

Dismantling that infrastructure and disengaging in Iraq is being done, but doing so also takes some time and considerable resources. 

Disengaging in Iraq does not however eliminate the debt created by the war. This remains debt yet to be paid.

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