Monday, February 8, 2010

True. True.

"we are wounded by fear, injured in doubt.. we scorch the Earth, set fire to the sky, we stoop so low, to reach so high."

It is truly sad that this uncaring, and ever increasingly selfish world listens more to the hate-filled, self-promoting, anti-american, demagoguery of Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin et. al., instead of the truly caring and Christian concerns of people like Bono. Thank God that there are people like this to offset the misplaced anger of the ever increasing anti-Christian, neo-conservative and Tea Bagger movement in this country.

If we turn the TV off, resist the lure and convenience of bigotry and hated, look to our own values, family and neighbors for answers instead of politicians and the corporations that own them, and man up to our own responsibilities, then you'd be surprised at the reduction of stress in our lives and the increase in our sense of empowerment.


Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck anti-American? are you watching the same show that I am? drama queen, sure.

but if the Dems want to paint Glenn Beck as anti-American, expect plenty of pushback.

The Intelligent Anon said...

It has nothing to do with the Dems painting's all about Beck being given some rope and making his own noose. The more he rants, the more his comments are fact-checked and dis-proven, the more America realizes that is a silly demagogue. To intelligent people,Beck, when he came onto the the scene, was a refreshing curiosity, then he became a WTF?, now he has discredited himself so much that 60% of americans have deemed him, "out of touch." According to polls of independents, the fact that people like you still link yourself to him, has actually hurt your recruitment. I love it!