Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Should We Cut From Education?

For anyone who is interested:

Public Forums will be held to discus the potential cuts to Rockingham County Public Education at the following dates, times and locations:

Monday, March 1st, at Elkton Middle School, 7:00pm

Tuesday, March 2nd, at Hillyard Middle School, 7:00pm

Wednesday, March 3rd, at Montevideo Middle School, 7:00pm

Thursday, March 4th, at Wilber Pence Middle School, 7:00pm

Please attend with questions to ask...
Do not leave without asking your questions...

At stake are possibly ten million dollars worth of programs and positions in Rockingham County Public Education.  What is important to you?...

Dr. Fenn has no choice but to cut spending, the budget must be balanced.  Your involvement is vital...

This is truly an opportunity for community involvement, and citizen involvement, in our government.

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