Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Palin on handling Iran, in her own words.

Sarah Palin - Foreign Policy

Hannity asked in an interview, "What can be done to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons?"
In her response, Palin seemed to be confused between Iraq and Iran:


Anonymous said...

You know that the GOP is hard up and desperate when their poster child is truly a "retard."

Jerry said...

I guess every group has its rude jerks. I don't like Palin, but anon is a rude jerk. Probably a pub troll. Thanks for the post Rockdem.

John Doe said...

Oh, like Obama has never made a mistatement. Corpse not.

Citizen Tom said...

Let's get this straight. Sarah Palin makes mistakes. We want the perfect leader. Where are we going to find this person? What would we have him do? Keep Sarah Palin out of the White House?

Are we worthy of a perfect leader? What would we do if one came our way?

We know the answer -- in part. Jesus was the perfect leader. Nonetheless, He did not have that much interest in government. Our mere stupidity did not bother Him. His concern was over the state of our souls. Jesus spoke against our pride, greed, envy and hard hearts. He advocated the love of God and neighbor, but that was enough to anger some. They wanted a worldly leader. So a hard hearted Roman government saw fit to hang this Son of God up on a cross.

The Romans crucified Jesus about 2000 years ago, but Jesus rose from the dead. His disciples took courage from His resurrection. They thought so highly of Him many died before they would renounce Him.

Disciple or murderer? If we saw the perfect leader, would we follow Him or hang Him up on a cross? We can guess what our government would do, but what would each of us do?

Belle Rose said...

Sarah has gone hi-tech. Check out Palin's Palm Pilot