Sunday, February 7, 2010

Understanding is the first step toward solving.


Here are some video lessons which enable us to literally see the various elements and how they all fit together.


Anonymous said...

These videos are helpful. Thanx>

Rockdem said...

Wouldn't it make sense just to reinstate the Glass Steagall Act, put a hold on new spending, restore the tax rate to what it was before Bush took office (which was much lower than under Reagan, by the way), and take a REAL look at prioritizing government services with an eye toward service reduction?

We need to recognize that this is an opportunity to really streamline operations.

Greater efficiency results in better use of every dollar. When the economy comes back, as it is seeming to begin to do, revenue will go up and we can begin paying down the debt.

Shari said...

I appreciate your lack of partisanship in looking for a solution. These videos provide a good beginning of a foundation.
Thank you for your continuing work.