Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Obenshain Drops ABC Store Sale Legislation

This has got to be a bitter pill for Prince Obenshain, and his alcohol industry contributors. Not good for McDonnell either - he has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Alcohol industry lobbyists.

Sen. Mark Obenshain, R-Harrisonburg, on Tuesday asked the Senate Finance Committee to shelve his bill, which calls for the divestiture of the state's liquor stores and the auctioning of a limited number of "package store" licenses.

"We will be back, and we'll be back soon -- and able to present a proposal that will show how we will do this in a way that is going to put additional money in transportation and avoid the commonwealth suffering a financial loss," Obenshain said.

Sure you will Prince! May I suggest that you host an industry cocktail party prior to the committee vote? That way, your goofy math will hardly make any difference, and it will be politics as usual.


Anonymous said...

The state shouldn't be in the liquor business. It's pretty dumb to make a partisan issue out of it.

Bubby said...

Well, as Gov. Kaine said:
"It's not prohibition, but having a drinking rate less than the national average isn't a bad thing."

It's about the money. The tax money lost, the money the alcohol industry stands to make, the alcohol lobbyist money that Obenshain and McDonnell have taken.

There are plenty of Republicans who can't be bought by the alcohol lobby, that is why Obenshain couldn't pull off the deal, and why this is most definitely a bi-partisan victory.

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't Obama pull off the health care reform deal even with the Demorats in control ?

Anonymous said...

What does health care reform have to do with this thread?

Every politician takes "lobbyist" money, and its disingenuous at best to complain about Pubs taking it when you know Dems do too. Plus, lobbyists aren't necessarily a bad thing. And I don't care if the alcohol industry makes money...why is that an issue for you?

As for the tax money lost...oh well. Leaner gov't isn't a bad thing, either, and tax receipts will pick back up once the economy gets going again. I doubt seriously, too, that VA will face an alcoholism epidemic should this happen.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, who cares if tax money is lost? Leaner govt is a good thing!
Why don't you write a post on why the state is having so much trouble getting the roads cleared?