Thursday, September 11, 2008

Barack Obama on the gun issue.

Appearing in Lebanon, in Russell County Virginia on Tuesday Barack Obama had this to say:

"I will not take your shotgun away," Obama said. "I will not take your rifle away. I won't take your handgun away.

If you want to find an excuse not to vote for me, don't use that one, because it just ain't true,"

Clear enough for me.


Hard Right Rudder said...

Bubby,you need to learn to lie about things that are not so EASILY refuted, you moron.

Barack Obama, in on a piece of paper with his OWN handwriting on it, said yes to a question that asked: "Do you favor a ban on the manufacturing, sale & possession of handguns?" "YES!"

Go to this cite and look with your own lying eyes. It's on the last page.

At first, Obama tried to lie and say an aide must have filled out a form that said yes. But it was later discovered that there existed the form, with his handwriting, so then he lied and said it must have been some mistake. Yeah, it was a mistake to lie about something when proof to the contrary exists. And Bubby fell victim too.

Bubby said...

You need to learn how to use a computer - your link doesn't work. Use both hands.

Bubby said...

For those of you who are capable computer users, you can find Barack Obama's stated position on gun rights;

"Barack Obama believes the Second Amendment creates an individual right, and he respects the constitutional rights of Americans to bear arms. He will protect the rights of hunters and other law-abiding Americans to purchase,own, transport, and use guns."


Hard Right Rudder said...

It isn't me, it's this cheap ass blog site, I properly post it, and it cuts it off. Anyone with an open mind need only put the two together and it takes you right to the questionaire HE filled out. This was his position in 1996, when he thought he could gain more votes from Chicago residents by favoring a complete ban.


Bubby said...

Hum, it looks like Barack Obama has evolved his views, that happens. If that confuses you, Lord knows how spun you must be at the hands of Straight-talk McCain!

He’s FOR Off shore drilling, after being against it for 26 YEARS.

He was Against Torture, now he’s for it.

Against Warrantless Wiretapping now he’s for it.

Against Tax Cuts, then for tax cuts, then against tax cuts and now is FOR RAISING FICA taxes.

Against Privitizing Social Security and now he’s FOR it.

FOR protecting Abortion Rights now he’s against it.

Against storing Nuclear Waste at Yucca Mountain now he’s for it.

Against engaging in diplomacy with Hamas now he’s for it.

Against diplomacy in Syria now he’s for it.

Against going after Al Qaeda in Pakistan now he’s for it.

Against talking to Iran and now he’s for it.

Against talking to North Korea and now he’s for it.

For Liberman-Warner to curb Global Warming now he’s Against it.

Both FOR and AGAINST attacking Obamas’ former Pastor.

Against inflating your tires and getting a tune up, now he’s for it.

FOR disclosure of campaign donations, now he’s against it.

For the Iraq War because it would be quick and easy now against anyone who said Iraq would be quick and easy.

Thought we were on the RIGHT COURSE in Iraq in 2004 now says he’s always been against Rumsfeld's strategy in Iraq.

FOR gay marriage now he’s against it.

For Affirmative Action until he was against it.

Against a timetable for withdrawal until he was for it.

For the troops until he voted repeatedly against their body armor, helmets, vest inserts, R&R at home after a one year deployment and Senator Webb’s GI Bill.

Who is John McCain??

Hard Right Rudder said...

Barack was for immediate pull out of the troops from Iran, now he's against it.

He was for earmarks for the Bridge to Nowhere, and he voted for it. Oooops. He's STILL for it.

He was for forbidding protection of aborted children who were born alive. Oooops. He still is.

He was against the Surge in Iraq, because it would never work. OOOOOPS. Now he admits it succeeded beyond anyone's wildest imagination. Except perhaps the imagination of John McCain, who ALWAYS favored more troops, before the surge was even mentioned.

He was against voting to authorize the use of force in Iraq, and chastized all those dumb, weak, poor misguided Senators who authorized the use of force in Iraq. Until he chose Biden as his VP, yup, that Biden, the one who voted to authorize the use of force in Iraq.

He was gonna stand by the Rev Wright, no matter what, he could no more disown him than he could disown his "Typical White Person" grandmother. Until he disowned him.

Bubby, you bumbling idiot, you are riding on a dead horse. Your little BIG eared boy is going down. Get over it.

Rockdem said...

This isn't a cheap assed blog site HRR, it's free! How cool is that?
A little rudimentary understanding of html would work wonders for you.
Here is an example to assist you Dear Friend,
I have to type it out because blogger keeps trying to recognize it as code, now do this exactly…

Less than symbol, the letter a, space, the letters href, equals symbol, quotation mark, your link url, quotation mark, greater than symbol, wording for your link, less than symbol, forward slash, the letter a, greater than symbol

That should make your link work.

If you have any questions send me an email by clicking here

Jean said...

Looks like Bubby is too much for hrr to handle.
Oh yeah hardly right,regarding your statement, "Barack was for immediate pull out of the troops from Iran, now he's against it."
Since when did we have troops in Iran?

Hard Right Rudder said...

Oh, Jean, you soooo smart! Obama doesn't even know how many states there are.

Bubby said...

Question for Hrr: How many democratic primaries were there in the 2008 cycle? Focus, the answer is going to automagically make you smarter.

Bubby said...

Come on stinky, you can do it. Let me make it easier for you: How many Democratic Presidential candidate contests were there in 2008?

I'll even give you a hint; Barack already told you.

Bubby said...

OK, Rudderboy's wingnut sources have failed him, anyone else care to guess? Come on, act like you deserve your vote!

tom tourney said...

Bubby seems to own Hard Right Rudder.
Just an observation.