Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ever Wonder....?

Why working class and rural Americans (ofter referred to as Wal-Mart republicans) usually vote for pro-business Republicans (often called Wall Street republicans) when their economic interests would seem better served by Democratic policies?

Here's a good article written by physcholgists.


Hard Right Rudder said...

Did you ever consider maybe it is because the Democrats have been co-opted as the party of the immoral, of the elitest "we know what is best for you ignorant middle Americans" on each coast? Or that they saw what liberals haven't seen: Liberal policies, though they "mean well," cause irreparable harm. Such as welfare. Such as increasing taxes so high that businesses leave for foreign countries. Such as over-regulations and laws that cause business to fail. Liberals have not only infested the Democrat party, they have infested unions, and education, Hollywood and the media. Average Americans HATE liberals. And with good reason. Visit any large inner city. They are all run by liberals (well, i know of no inner city that has a conservative government). Then you will see why we don't want liberals in charge of ANYTHING important.

Bubby said...

Average Americans hate failure. Failed economies, failed job growth, failed wars, failed schools, failed retirement funds, failed small towns, failed stock markets, failed industries, failed foreign relations, failed national unity, and failed government.

Americans want strength through unity and a government that actually looks after the less well connected instead of the big shots that pay for candidates and campaigns. Americans want opportunity and a positive vision for the future, not angry culture wars.

The Democratic Party offers the solutions, the Republican Party offers war, and fear. Choose wisely.

The Valley Progressive said...

I knew that that article would be too heavy for you hard right. I'm no longer even interested in responding to your hate filled allegations. You've been so brainwashed that you'll never get it. Your blathering and ranting doesn't even make sense anymore.

On another note, I suspect that "liberals" are just your convenient whipping boys that you use as an outlet for some deeper issues. You need to seek professional help to learn how to let it go.

Hard Right Rudder said...

So let me get this straight, "valley progressive", because some idiot who is obviously a liberal but he has a degree after his name, therefore I should blindly believe what he says? I have a doctorate. I don't see you blindly listening to what I say. So when I don't blindly listen to what some twit says because he has a degree, suddenly you act all shocked? Methinks you can't refute what I say, so you resort to the tried and true liberal favorite, attack the messenger.

Bubby, I love it when democrats talk about the failed policy of the Republicans, without mentioning what policies. You have no clue why the market is currently tanking. You'd have to go read several of your favorite lefty-blogs, and then get back to me with the suggested answer. Hint: the dems pressured fannie mae and freddie mac to INCREASE loans to prospective homeowners who could not afford them. And democrats from the Clinton administration were appointed as managers there, where they looted the company of millions, before they fled, and were found out. Ooops. That's already too much for your little brain to comprehend. Resume spouting mere slogans.

The Valley Progressive said...

First I doubt you have a doctorate, Second, No I don't believe everything that comes out of someone's mouth just because they have a degree, but I do respect their professional perspective. I'm not arrogant or ignorant enough to think that I know more about pyschology than a pyschologist. Apparently you are.

Third, no one attacks the messenger like the NEOCONs. In fact you fulfilled yet another common NEOCON trait which is to accuse/blame others for the very same trick that you people are guilty of. Progressives almost never attack the messenger, nice try though.

And lastly, If you had actually read (and understood)the piece then you would see that the article was not disparaging republicans. In fact it implied that perhaps progressives were a little too focused and narrow minded in their understanding of the republican pyschy.

You really are a piece of work. you must make your family proud....

Hard Right Rudder said...

I never pretended to read the article. It was too long, and it did not catch my interest. [In order to communicate it helps to not be so boring.] So I went on to speak about the REAL reasons why the so-called poor and down-trodden don't flock to the Dem party. It is because of the rotten people who have hijacked the Dem party. Hollywood lib idiots, welfare queens, ultra-rich know it alls, and "progressives" who hate America and want to turn it into Europe.

Sorry you don't know this, but lawyers have their doctorates. Juris Doctor. That's my doctorate degree.

Hard Right Rudder said...

Oh, and screw you for the comment about making my family proud. Yer some faggot liberal, and you think I care what you think?

Bubby said...

Dr. Rudderboy: Fannie & Freddie don't loan to homeowners, they buy from the dumbass crooks, swindlers, and financial fools that made the mortgage loans/securities, and destroyed the trust of investors. And they did it because the Republican congress de-regulated the industry, and Bush didn't understand - just like you!

You are a joke son.

Hard Right Rudder said...

It was the dumb-ass liberals who wanted everybody--especially those who couldn't afford it--to be able to buy a house. And don't lie about it. Dems who were high up in the Clinton Admin were appointed by Bubba, and while in charge they looted Fannie Mae with lies and corruption. Dems da facts jack.

Bubby said...

Gee, all this bad stuff Bill Clinton did 10 years ago??? What have Baby Bush, Johnny Straightalk, and the Republican Congress been doing all this time - seems like they would fix the problem?

But how can you fix the problem if you made the problem? The Republicans in Congress deregulated the sale of mortgage securities in 2000. Bush has been goofing off for 8 years. And McCain was there every step of the way - in Washington. His economic adviser Phil Gramm was the ringleader of this mess! This is what happens when you bet on a lazy horse. Suck it up

Anonymous said...

Bubby you're right on as usual, excellent posts.

As for hr who wrote, "I never pretended to read the article. It was too long, and it did not catch my interest."
Once again you show your irrationality. If you won't take the time to read the post then at least have the integrity to not post about them. Your rants really are making you insignificant.