Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin's 17 y.o. unmarried daughter - Pregnant!

The press is reporting that Sarah Palin's 17 year old unmarried daughter Bristol is 5 months pregnant. Apparently more better documentation of Sarah Palin's "executive experience". McCain's people say they knew. Oh really?


seth said...

more better?

your enthusiasm and your grammar are atrocious

Belle Rose said...

If this story is true, just another and another and another example of McCain's lack of vetting his choice.

Bubby said...

Seth: It was an attempt at a humorous turn of the language, teenage-style. Sorry it didn't work for you.

seth said...

so it's just your enthusiasm that's atrocious?

Bubby said...

I'm a happy warrior Seth.

seth said...

um, uh, like, totally awesome lack of class!

1) that's how you write in the voice of a teenager if you want people to believe that you're doing it intentionally.

2) i'd say you're more of a loose cannon at this point. barrack had the good sense and grace to dismiss this as a non-issue and even to point out that his mother was pregnant w/ him when she was 17 (don't know if she was married or not). this is probably partly because he's a decent human being who respects personal privacy with regard to issues that don't have any bearing on the character of the individual running for office, and partly because he realizes that making a big deal about this is a sure fire way to blow up abortion as a major issue in the final months of this campaign (never a wise strategy for dems).

as to casting aspersions on mccain's vetting of his vice president (i know that was someone else, but i'm going to go ahead and cover all the bases), edwards.

Bubby said...

Yeah Barack Obama is a genuinely decent man, and will be a great President, did he just get your vote?

Try to keep your head in the fight Seth: John McCain made an absolutely awful executive decision to pick this supremely unqualified woman as his VP choice. Her personal peccadilloes only highlight McCain's lack of careful consideration, vetting, deliberation, and concern for our nations security. It was Party before Country played out in front of a podium labeled "Country First". I hate bullshit.

Word: I don't take my directions from Barack Obama, I fight at his side. He is a great and inspiring leader whom I respect. He is loyal to me, I'm loyal to him. His job is is to bring vision and unity to a settled nation. My job is to crush his foes and attain the potential for that settlement. I love my job!

seth said...

i've known i was going to vote for barrack for quite some time and it's largely because i believe it's time the republicans took one squarely on the chin.

i'm surprised some of you out there aren't conspiracy theory minded enough to suppose that mccain did know about this pregnancy and chose to go ahead with palin knowing that someone in the democratic party would be dumb enough to make it an issue and allow them to beat the ever effective pro life drum louder than they've been able to in years. you guys keep calling the republicans dumb. they keep succesfully running shady strategy. still don't see the pattern?


while i thought i had made this clear at the end of my previous post, let me try again. as to personal peccadilloes highlighting lack of careful consideration, vetting, deliberation, and concern for our nations security, the dems ran a veep last time who was fooling around on his cancer riddled wife (i think we'd both agree that this is much more relevant in terms of the character of the actual candidate). and, he was enough of an egomaniacal a hole to seek the party's nomination this time as well. and while i wouldn't expect you to go after him, i would expect you to be aware of historical context and the need for consistency. so you can see where i have a hard time believing that you are actually disturbed by the fact that mccain would select a veep who is dealing first hand with the issue of her daughter's teen pregnancy (something that arguably reflects very little on her own character or that of her daughter).

i really do feel that by playing it up the dems are doing exactly what the republicans expected. they're not politically stupid. they've proved that. now it's your turn.

Bubby said...

Seth: Get off of your knees, the Republican Party has no claim to moral superiority. The Party of Me will not prevail against the Party of We.

Clear headed voters can make their own decision about the wisdom and motive of John McCain, and his choice of Sarah Palin. I trust America to choose wisely. The remainder don't add up to a majority.

We have already voted on John Edwards, and he is not a candidate for office. Move on. No one is more disappointed than me about his path, because we have lost a powerful advocate for the poor.

seth said...

get off my knees?
sorry, i don't follow. i don't believe (and i don't believe i said) the republicans have any claim to moral superiority. just that if the dems allow themselves to get sucked in on issues that are likely to bring up the old pro life vs. pro choice garbage, they aren't likely to come out ahead.

i don't bring edwards up because i'm hell bent on lingering on the faults of members of the left (although i will admit that i've always thought edwards was a scumbag). i think you should probably thank your lucky stars that they didn't win as another sex scandal in the whitehouse would likely have done its part precipitate another 8 year reublican stint.

i bring edwards up to point out that all of the faults you want to attribute to mccain for not properly vetting his running-mate are faults that were apparently much more severe in the candidacy of john kerry. in short, to point out that your premise is thin and that any thinking person with the basic ability to contextualize history realizes that. i'd suggest you move on.

seth said...

you know what, never mind. everything i said becomes irrelevant when obama starts running ads saying that mccain would 'make abortion illegal.' i really thought we weren't going to vote on these same old stupid issues. i really thought the left had learned, had gotten smarter than that. i really thought this was an election ya'll couldn't lose.

what is they say about insanity? that it is continually doing the same thing and continually expecting different results?


Bubby said...

RUSSERT: "A constitutional amendment to ban all abortions. You’re for that?"

McCAIN: "Yes, sir."

I was talking with two 43 year old women yesterday about abortion. One said ,"what if my contraceptive fails and I become pregnant?" The other said, "what if you become pregnant and testing shows that you will have a Down Syndrome baby?"

I said, "neither of you would be able to get a legal abortion in America." Both women (business owners) sat wild-eyed.

"Well, that makes the decision easy", said one. "I'm sending a donation to the Obama campaign", said the other.

seth said...

if you abort a downs baby, you burn in hell (but that's just like, my opinion man). as to constitutional ammendments (and i don't have time to look up the specifics, but) the president's perogative means very little. if i'm not mistaken, each state has to vote individually and there has to be an overwhelming majority (again, sorry for the lack of specifics, i'd be happy to check it out when i get some time if you'd like).

i lean more towards nader every day, but at this point, i really would like to see obama win. i'm trying to be helpful.

with the abortion thing, i feel like you can use scare tactics to convince women that the option of abortion will be completely taken off the table (for the record, a position most conservatives i know don't support), but that won't get as many people to the polls as just making it an issue will for the right.

we've done this before. the math doesn't work out for you guys. i'd like to see obama win. but same as it ever was is same as it ever was.

Bubby said...

Two conservative SCOTUS judges + one overturned Roe v Wade ruling + State-by-State anti-abortion Amendments = no legal abortion in America.

Best case: A woman lives in a choice state, or can afford to get there.

Possible case: Woman returns to her anti-abortion state and is prosecuted for murder.

Bubby said...

"i lean more towards nader every day"

That's like joining the Bolivian Army in response to Japan attacking America. Just saying.

seth said...

yeah, but i was never an american in your analogy in the first place.

i'm not so interested in debating whether or not scare tactics are scare tactics. i'm sure the republican propaganda machine is very effective at convincing their base that a democratic president and congress would lead us into the kind of outright socialism that the world hasn't seen since the october revolution. i'm not buying that either.

my real question is why democrats believe that abortion is a winning issue. it's not that the republicans have necessarily cornered the market on social/moral values. on this one though, they're on the level side of a slippery slope. especially when one of the first points you're anxious to make is that you should have a right to abort a retarded baby.

i'd like to see obama win. i'd love for va to (show those yankees what's what and) be the only state in the union to vote for both the first african american governor and the first african american president. it's this kind of thing that will keep that from happening.