Thursday, September 18, 2008

Far Beyond Politics

Sometimes we must just simply help another.

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Here is the letter I received regarding the above event:


It was great to talk with you again last night. Your enthusiasm is quite infectious - don't ever lose that.

We talked about Steve Parks and his health issues and I have attached some a flyer detailing the fundraising concert we are holding for him. The concert will be start at 7PM on October 4 in the new Skyline Middle School auditorium on Linda Lane.

Steve is a local musician who has been making music, musical instruments and custom woodworking for many years. I'm part of a group of friends of Steve who have organized to raise money to help defray medical costs for his battle with cancer. Unfortunately, after many years of successful treatments, Steve's disease is out of remission and he is involved in a palliative care plan. At this time he is still active and is playing as much music as possible. The concert will feature friends of Steve and Steve's own band (Driver, Parks Knicely). The other performers include Glick & Phillips, Faster Than Walking and a host of local musicians for the grand finale.

Everyone knows the comedy/musical team of John Glick & Steve Phillips and they are headlining the show. Steve's band provides what they call "Progressive Medicine Show music- a lively mix of blues, swing and vintage country, gospel, old-time mountain music" - see for more info. Faster Than Walking is a great old-time band with members from Harrisonburg (Dan Rublee) and Charlottesville. All of these folks have been making music together for years and that close community feel is sure to come through during the show.

The concert will be at the new Skyline Middle school on Linda Lane in Harrisonburg. Steve's wife Sandy is the media services/librarian there and John Glick's brother Joe is the principal of the school. Everyone there is excited about having this event kick off the public use of their beautiful new auditorium.

Tickets are available at many locations around Harrisonburg. Admission is only $10 for adults and $7 for children 12 and under. .

Additional information about Steve and the Parks Family Fund organization are available at See the blog for lots of info about his family.

Thanks so much for helping out with this!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Thank you for going beyond the politics, to our community. And for caring about the regular people who live here.
Mr. Parks and his family deserve our support and prayers.