Friday, September 12, 2008

Gov. Palin Loves Animals!

What are your thoughts on this video?


Christa said...

Oh please. Wolves are like the deer were in this area a few years ago. Overpopulated. How else are you going to control it? No one likes to see this have to happen to animals. Sometimes it's necessary.
And you don't feel abortion is savagery? LATE term abortion, no less. Put up a picture of a baby trying to survive an abortion.Now that is savagery.

Bubby said...

How did we get from sporting wolf hunts to abortion? Let's all try to focus, and not get emotional. This doesn't look to be sporting. And I don't think Alaskans have calves. But I may be missing something.

Anonymous said...

You short-sighted, narrow minded idiot. Typical republican BS.....diverting the conversation to something irrelevant to the issue. Were we talking about abortion? hmm? Bit of advice: As a business owner you need to tone it down and stop being such a freaky right wingnut. Good, normal people have no interest in doing business with psychos like you.

tom tourney said...

Interesting to note that the United States joined the world in condemning the former Soviet Union for engaging in the same dubious practice of aerial wolf killing. Alaska goes one further with also killing bears.
Way to go Governor/Candidate Palin, following the example of the Soviets.
This video is one of the least graphic out there.
Good informational site by the way, found you on google.

Christa said...

Sure they do anonymous. And they do...lots of business. Don't ya hate it? Lots of Republicans live in the Valley.

Christa said...

On that page also click wolf management. This is from the Dept. of Fish and Game in Alaska.

I called a friend of mine who lives in Montana who has worked for the Dept of Fish & Game in that state for almost 30 years. He directed me to this site.