Friday, September 19, 2008

Polls Show Palin Is Starting to Drag Down McCain

The intense focus to reveal the truth about Sarah Palin's credentials has taken its toll on her numbers.

No one can doubt that McCain's choice of Palin rejuvenated a listless, dying campaign. She excited the Theocon Right and brought them home, and being a fresh new face with an interesting bio, she captivated the nation's attention. Her initial numbers were sky high, and she packed them in for McCain. Suddenly, what had been a large Obama post-DNCC bounce turned on a dime, and Palin delivered a huge surge for her ticket.

Bloggers and tradmed reporters took a hard look at Sarah Palin and began raking her over the coals for myriad transgressions. She is a liar with theocratic tendencies, sports an intellect that makes Bush look like a Mensa member, and features an obvious fondness for Cheney-style abuses of power. And that's not even the worst of it.



Hard Right Rudder said...

Well, let's see, the mainstream media and mindless blithering idiots such as yourself tell lies and half-truths about her 24/7, and her poll numbers go down a little? Wow, what a shocker. Your boy with big ears and a bigger ego can't get elected on his own merit, you have to destroy the opposition. Nice try, you little commies. Ain't gonna work. Then yer gonna cry racism, while Pubs hold the White House.

Bubby said...

Can America afford another 4 years of Whitehouse lies? Can America afford Sarah Palin?

- Even though her support for the "bridge to nowhere" is well-documented in both print and television media coverage, and even though she officially supported the bridge until Congress struck it down, Sarah Palin has repeatedly said not once, not twice, but on at least a dozen occasions that she turned down the money from Congress.

However, not only did she support the bridge, not only did she accept federal money for it, she never gave it back. Yet even though every media outlet in the world has now documented this lie she continued unabated to repeat it.

- She lies every time she claims to be an "anti-earmark reformer," and has said repeatedly on camera that she is against earmarks, even though she has accepted $453 million in earmark money since she took office less than two years ago, which equates to nearly $300 per person in Alaska, by far the most earmark money per person of any other state.

- She lied when she told Charlie Gibson that she had given her word that she would cooperate with the bipartisan investigation (8 Repubs, 4 Dems) which is looking into her alleged abuse of power. Now, less than a week later, she will not cooperate, and her husband will defy a subpoena.

- She lied when she claimed she had gone to Ireland on official business as part of her foreign policy "credentials." Problem is, it was just a refueling stop.

- She lied when she said she had been to Iraq. The Alaska National Guard verified this week that, while on a trip to Kuwait, Palin never crossed into Iraq.

She left her town of Wasilla, in debt, with higher taxes. No thanks Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Because you did your research and posted documented facts that makes you a liar and commie. hrr is one desperate, whinny SOB. The more desperate and scared he becomes the louder he screams and the more non-sensical his posts. I love it!

Anonymous said... that's funny. He can't even spell Mensa. The other day he had to ask Condisleeza how to spell "USA."

Bubby said...

She hires her cronies, fires her critics, says she's for open government, yet uses secret email accounts, lies about her record, her experience, her qualifications - wow! She could be Bush's sister.