Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Time to see Palin in the Proper Light

The following is the fourth installment in a 9 part series investigating Sarah Palin's far-right views...information all voters need to know.

4. Who's really not in favor of clean water? Sarah Palin.

As The Hill reports, "Governor Palin has ... opposed a crucial clean water initiative."

Alaska's KTUU explains: "It is against the law for the governor to officially advocate for or against a ballot measure; however, Palin took what she calls 'personal privilege' to discuss one of this year's most contentious initiatives."

Palin said, "Let me take my governor's hat off just for a minute here and tell you, personally, Prop. 4 -- I vote no on that." And what is that? A state initiative that would have banned metal mines from discharging pollution into salmon streams.

She also approved legislation that let oil and gas companies nearly triple the amount of toxic waste they can dump into Cook Inlet, an important fishery. It looks like being an avid outdoorsperson doesn't mean Palin really has the health of watersheds, natural resources or our environment at heart.


Anonymous said...

This is a blatantly obvious point. Do you know ANY republican who cares about water quality or the environment? Especially religious freaks who shirk social responsibility by claiming "God has a plan?"

Anonymous said...

These are the same self serving avoiders of responsibility who say that "God won't let us screw things up so why worry about it."

Hard Right Rudder said...

As usual you lying idiots know nothing about what was going on, so you are subject to believing anything. Prop. 4 was specifically designed to shut down a particular mine. Alaska already has clean water laws. Alaskans voted and overwhelmingly rejected Prop 4. That doesn't mean the mine will be allowed to pollute the waters. That just means they can go ahead and try to mine so long as they don't violate the existing clean water laws. If they do, then they will not be allowed to mine. Now go whiiiiiine hysterically in your twisted panties, little miss anonymous.