Thursday, September 11, 2008

McCain Plays Hardball. Loses Big.

Man, when Matthews is on his game ain't nobody better at hardball. Here he pulls a no-hitter! This story is over. McCain burned ALOT of credibility with this goof.

We need more people on TV that value the political process above selling laxatives.


Smart Guy said...

If only the supposed "Liberal Media" would be so daring in calling out the republican lies and innuendo. They repugs have been pulling this crap for 8 years and the media has just rolled over like a cheap prostitute, especially on this dumb war.

Hard Right Rudder said...

Obama whines about the Pubs MIGHT play the race card? Some democrat twit says using the phrase "Community Activist" and smiling about it is racist? And you little whiners complain when McCain comes back at you? Read the polls, you "Progressive" morons.

Bubby said...

McCain is a tragedy. Rove got in his head in 2000 with that "illegitimate black baby" rumor that turned off the Republican voters, and now, in 2008 Karl Rove handed him Sarah Palin and has McCain out lying to America. His soul has been sucked out, he has no honor left. And he did it willingly. What a fall.